this has got to stop


Seriously, we as a nation need to fix this.

Today’s school shooting in MD? My friend’s kid attends this school. I got to watch, in more or less real time, this poor guy going through watching this happen to his family on social media.

Thank goodness she’s safe, but the fact that most of you knew exactly what I was talking about before you even read the content, and the fact that I had to clarify that it was today’s school shooting (as opposed to all the others), is so disturbing.

I don’t even know what to think at this point. I do have the definite feeling that most of our elected representatives aren’t going to do a damned thing about it, and those that would like to don’t have the numbers.

I don’t know…but this has to be fixed.


off the grid, and kinda wrecked


So, you might have noticed I haven’t posted in two weeks.

It’s not that I haven’t had things to do; in fact I’ve been ridiculously busy, winging (on occasion, literally) around the country to take in the ambiance of various public sector conference rooms and admire their institutional-chic environs as lit primarily by PowerPoint slides.

It was just as exciting as you might imagine.

My first stop was the cozy midwestern metropolis of Columbus Ohio. As you likely already know, I have spent many a day in the Arch City over the last decade and change for various work things; and have gotten relatively used to getting around there and enjoying the local color. I didn’t get much of a chance to do that this time, given the length of my days staring at said slides, enduring interminable briefings, and getting chided by data trading partners who can’t seem to get it through their heads that I can’t make the department financial system pay their bills correctly if they send transactions with accounting lines like “INSERT CREDIT CARD NUMBER HERE”. I am not making this up.

At least I got some fresh White Castle.

Last weekend wasn’t ridiculously terrible; there was some dancing, as there nearly always is, and I got to spend a little quality time with the college kid on Saturday before hauling her back to school on Sunday. However, given the fact that my routine had been disrupted pretty significantly by the previous week, my nerves were becoming a bit fried; a condition that would continue, intensify, and remain in place as I type this missive.

Last week should have been pretty low-key; I spent it in class, as my social media friends were surely aware, ticking another box for my required program management certification. The class was what it was, a typical offering from the training body, titled “Understanding Industry”, which was supposed to help public sector folks understand the point of view, motivations, and actions of the private industry partners we work with. Mostly, it made me rememeber how much I hated business courses in grad school, and got me seriously considering a career change, and having a few chats with the boss on breaks about the future (not that any of us know what’s going to happen in the next couple of months – so many changes…).

At least it was off-site (only about two miles from home – if it wasn’t so cold – we had a weather-related two hour delay one day – walking or biking would have been ideal), which would be nice if my boss (who, if I’m to be honest, is a pretty chill guy), as I mentioned, wasn’t also there, thus requiring me to be a bit more diligent than I’d particularly like about checking office email to see what my contractor teams were fighting about. Mostly, I can trust my folks to do the job without much supervision (once schedule and requirements get sorted), but as I may have written before, they’ve been sniping at each other a bit lately and stirring up unneccessary drama. Luckily, nothing exploded.

Nothing at the office, anyway. On the homefront (particularly the child academic front) shit fountains abounded. Let’s just say it’s never a good week for me when I get an email from a teacher addressed directly to me and not the larger parent community. If my routine was already screwed given my wide-ranging and geographically distributed work situation, this really started the kettle boiling.

The fact that I was off my usual schedule (usually, on normal workdays, I’m home by 3pm or so – I was averaging 5:30 or 6 the last couple of weeks, and home was, for part of that, merely a hotel room) along with all this other stuff (family stress, work weirdness, unpleasant reminders of business school, and a long-simmering career-related internal crisis), seriously ramped up the stress. My shoulders pretty much permanently swallowed my neck given the tension, my body’s gone into starvation stress mode again holding onto everything way too long, and I came pretty close to seriously wounding several folks who couldn’t be bothered to manage their carts in Wal-Mart, to the point that my mostly patient wife arranged things that I could pretty much have this past Saturday free to do nothing.

I didn’t exactly do nothing – I ran a few errands and popped by the Chesterfield Library Comic-con on Saturday (a small little event the library system puts on that gets ridiculously crowded for some reason, and a few of my friends in the geek/comic circles tend to exhibit at), but mostly, I gave myself some long-overdue couch time catching up on Agents of SHIELD and zoning out to the entire xXx franchise.

Yesterday, feeling a slightly better (but not really), I threw some instruments into the car and drove down to Cary NC to play a “local” show with the Humdingers that afternoon, which was a nice time (as always), a good show to a small but enthusiastic crowd, and served as a decent rehearsal for the big stuff coming up this weekend on the west coast.

Yeah, as mentioned previously at some point, probably more than once, The Humdingers are playing Consonance, the SF Bay Area Filk Convention, (as Guests of Honor) this year. We’re flying out Thursday, and I’m taking most of a week off to support the music habit. At least they’re flying us out there and putting us up on their dime, and have found me an instrument to borrow on the other side so I don’t have to risk my own as checked baggage.

That said, I did debut The Spare™ on stage this weekend for most of our second set, since I got my parts in the mail last week and spent an evening doing some basic upgrades. It’s still definitely a budget instrument (it weighs a *lot* less than the Jazz bass, which is solid ash; this is basswood at best, likely plywood as well), but it’s *loud*, and not just because of the knobs that “go to eleven”. Whatever no-name pickups they put in it are surprisingly hot for something I have less than a hundred bucks invested in. it’s definitely solid for the purpose for which it’s intended, and looks pretty sharp, to boot, even rotated 90° to make the post flow better:

Anyway, that’s life right now. Still very stressed, a lttle worse for the wear, though I have something to look forward to if I can get through Wednesday.


Monday update: travel woes mostly


So it’s Monday. Yeah.

Weekend was busy. So busy. Friday night was set up the feis; integrate the college kids into the household for the next week. Saturday was get up just as early as I get up every other day to do the dance dad thing at the feis all day, handling all sorts of volunteer things and being generally busy. Barely saw the house. Sunday I got to sleep in a bit, but then it was groceries, and taking the family out to see Black Panther (again) so Mary could see it, then a very good, but pretty expensive dinner out.

I did immediately fall in love with the music of songwriter Caitlyn Smith about four bars into the first song of hers I heard on Live From Here Saturday evening on the drive home. I purchased her record Starfire, immediately upon arriving at home, in a weird transaction where I could get the MP3 downloads for a price of $9.99, or the physical CD (which came with a free download of the MP3s of all the songs) for $7.99. Guess which one I got?

Then it was coming to terms with the fact that Monday meant work again.

The week is going to be extra weird as well, I guess. I didn’t wake up to any particular crap like I saw last week from people who ought to know better, but the Monday staff meeting this afternoon might change that. I hope not. I also had to shut down some assumptions about my presence in Orlando Florida the first week in April (I’m not going…thank $diety), where I’d not been invited to some sort of symposium, but they had my name on the draft schedule to run some workshops that really weren’t my area anyway.

I will, however, be spending the back half of the week in Ohio, for reasons I can’t quite fathom – it’s an occasion to sit in a conference room and stare at powerpoints for two and a half days, which is, as you can imagine, a thing I live for.

As I have said, at least while I’m in Columbus I can obtain freshly grilled White Castle. Small favors, small pleasures.

Next week, I’m taking a class, which gets me mostly out of the office, but it also means spending a week studying basic accounting, which was such fun during grad school.

So that’s been my life, and what appears to be on the horizon. I’ll talk about the cool band gigs coming up in the back half of the month once we get there. That’s basically what’s keeping me going at this point.


friday random eleven: “don’t throw away your shot” edition



Life this week has revolved entirely too much around using my dad voice. Funny thing was, I wasn’t really doing it at home. The supposedly professional adults I am charged with working with are well in the midst of all kinds of petty squabbling and I’ve had to do too many things that feel too much like kid wrangling…

…and then I wake up this morning to things that look quite a lot like mansplaining.


I did get my hands on that backup $50 bass from monoprice, as well as my little tube amp I ordered. Both are pretty nice; especially the bass, given the price. It plays really nice for a cheap instrument, and once I do the couple of upgrades I’m planning, it’ll be very solid. Came set up really nice, even after riding in cardboard box in the back of a truck across the continent, not something you can always count on.

Anyway, that was nice.

The weekend is shaping up to be pretty busy; the feis (which I learned yesterday my car dashboard can pronounce correctly when reading me texts and emails while driving) is Saturday, all day; I’ve got a full day of dance dad volunteering tasks, as well as some Friday evening setup. I’ve already started assembling my emergency cable-n-connector kit for fixing the sound system.

And the kid is home for spring break tonight; of course, I have to spend a significant chunk of next week in Ohio. Joy.

While I wallow in my stress and groaning, please enjoy these tunes:

  1. “Hold The Line” – Toto
  2. “Pour Some Sugar On Me” – Def Leppard
  3. “Goodpain” Yoke Lore
  4. “I Heard It Through The Grapevine” – The Slits
  5. Under Pressure” – Queen feat. David Bowie
  6. “Rebel Heart” – The Shelters
  7. “The Promise” – When In Rome
  8. “Saggitarius” – Phoebe Green
  9. “The Killing Moon” – Echo & The Bunnymen
  10. “Fascination Street” – The Cure
  11. “Holiday on the Moon” – Love & Rockets

Finally, because we all need this wonderful thing that dropped last night:


for me, it’s tuesday


This weekend was a weird one.

I stayed up way too late on Friday night, drinking beer and shopping online. Having gotten a pretty good coupon from Monoprice after ordering a cheap tube amplifier (that I’d been watching for months) last week, I spent $50 on a backup electric bass guitar, their knockoff copy of the Fender Precision Bass. I still felt pretty good about the purchase in the morning, figuring (as the product description suggests) I could have a spare electric bass that fills another hole, and I won’t feel bad about hacking on.

I’m already windowbrowser shopping for new pick guards, and discovered cheap knobs that go to eleven, which of course I’ll have to get, even if the P-bass style traditionally uses Telecaster-style numberless knobs.

Of course, what this means is that I’m spending all my time compulsively checking UPS tracking to see when things are getting here. That’s not good.

Saturday, after poking around after Pokemon in the morning, we headed out to SBC to visit the kid, have some pretty decent Mexican food, and take in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, which, as I mentioned, the kid did sets and stuff for. It was a really great show – I’d seen the movie a couple of times, but I enjoyed it live a bit more – the clever wordplay and dialogue came through more effectively when presented in a clever “theater in the round” style. I wasn’t my best self on Saturday – the drive did me in, and I was somewhat cranky. I made sure to apologize to the kid.

After getting home way too late on Saturday night, I slept in a bit on Sunday, did the grocery shopping, and spent the rest of the afternoon catching up on the marvel movie a week leading up to Infinity War, getting in Thor: The Dark World and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and following up those with SPECTRE, which isn’t the best James Bond film (I kind of have problems with some of the casting and plotting), though it has the best Bond Girl since Diana Rigg, and, probably most importantly, lets JB get his happy ending, nicely wrapping up the Craig quatrology.

This week, so far, is me getting frustrated with my team at work, dreaming about performance work statements, and obessively checking UPS tracking, not believing that all my new gear is going to get here tomorrow, and I totally haven’t written any songs yet this week (even if I’m 15/14 in #FAWM).

Oh well. This is my life. At least I have Joe Hill’s Strange Weather to keep me company. It’s good.


friday random eleven – “turning the corner, and the worst idea in the history of bad ideas” edition


So, this week has been a bit of a roller coaster in terms of personal health; Had a couple of good days with the sinuses and the throat, enough that I felt like I might be turning the corner. Then yesterday happened, and I started up that cycle of better/relapse that gets me two steps forward one step back for the next couple of weeks. I skipped dance class last night, in part so I could go to sleep early and not share my germs, and in part because the big feis is coming up in a couple of weeks, and a lot of focus in class right now is about getting the competing teams up to snuff, and when that’s happening, I’m kind of just in the way. No worries, I’m doing it for fun and to share an experience with the family is all.

I need to be somewhat fresh for the weekend at any rate -Saturday we’re heading out to SBC to get the kid off campus for a bit and see the school’s production of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, which she has a bunch of friends in and has been working backstage stuff as part of her technical theater class.

Oh yeah, in the morning, I’ll probably try to catch a bunch of dratinis for Pokemon Go community day, but whatever.


I’ve not gone ridiculously political in this space all that often lately, though the general responses to the Parkland Shooting from the current Presidential administration have really, really rubbed me the wrong way. From the crib notes on how to appear to have empathy* (especially troubling, given the description of Obama’s comforting families after another shooting floating around social media that I can’t find this morning) to the big headline in the last twenty four hours about the proposed solution to arm teachers(!), my outrage meter has kind of been pegged. That second thing, which is probably the worst idea in this administration’s huge inventory of bad ideas, and I say this as a former (failed? yeah) teacher myself, really is tone-deaf. First, no situation has ever been calmed down by the introduction of a firearm, and secondly (as a friend of a friend wrote this week), teachers have enough on their plates these days, and lack the resources, time, and support to do them.

This stuff’s got to change; it’s gotten to the point that the responses are rote on both sides. Shortly after the shooting happened, I got a comment on this website from my dear convention friend Paula on this post, and it struck me that it was entirely appropriate for Parkland, although it was written about the incident a few months ago in Sutherland Springs.

Things may, however, be changing. Paula’s comment was about the kids from Parkland rising up, not being quiet, and might be the spark that changes things. Gotta say, I’m really impressed with the action these kids are taking; I really hope they do change things.

and with that, music. Not a bad mix this time. Little heavy on indie and classic rock, but I’ll take it.

  1. “Once In A Lifetime” – Talking Heads
  2. “Black Ice” – Kitten Forever
  3. “Don’t Dream It’s Over” – Crowded House
  4. “Talking Backwards” – Real Estate
  5. “Interstate Love Song” – Stone Temple Pilots
  6. “Flourescent Adolescent” – Arctic Monkeys
  7. “Lord of the Blacksmiths” – Falconer
  8. “Armageddon It” – Def Leppard
  9. “Us and Them” – Pink Floyd
  10. “So Much Trouble” – Jethro Tull
  11. “Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin” – Young Presidents


* – This one irked me enough that I went ahead and wrote song fifteen of fourteen about it for #FAWM. Might as well make some lemonade.


back to the grind…


The weekend was kind of mixed. Had a whole table full of Georges for the birthday D&D one-shot with teenage boys. We got through it, though, even if I had to crack down on the whole “chaotic evil cannibal” character concept.

I did discover the wonderful Everything Sucks! on Neflix on Sunday afternoon (pure, distilled 90s nostalgia, even if it’s a little behind me, who had just graduated college in 96 rather than being a high school student), and Black Panther on Saturday was amazing, and totally lived up to the hype. I’m sure thinking about it I’ll find some holes like I always do, and yes, it did end up with “good guy fighting evil opposite” again like Marvel does too often (although the “evil opposite” was very well done until he put on the mirror of our hero’s suit), but it gave us Letitia Wright as Shuri, which makes up for all kinds of other failings.

I took the weekend off from songwriting, though this morning brought me back to it, inspired by my revisiting of one of my greatest social failings:

-verse 1-
hello friend, we’ve met before
we see each other several times a year
we talk and laugh at these events,
all kinds of pleasantries dispensed
but I’ve never ever ever heard your name

Hello friend, where have we met
was it a work thing or a con or through the kids
I remember that you have a cat
have strong feelings on bowler hats
but I’ve never ever ever heard your name

my greatest social weakness
is that I get right to conversation
small talk feels meaningless
I’d rather our ideas avoid stagnation
I’m great at banking faces
no fear of polite embraces
but names are my greatest vexation

I love you friend, but I don’t know your name
I love you friend, but I don’t know your name
your face is clear, your voice is too
but I’ve never ever ever heard your name

-verse 2-
hello friend, we meet here once again
I’m glad you like new tunes, I do too
you hand me the CD to sign
of course you want it personalized
but I’ve never ever ever heard your name

hello friend, oh yes, my wife is fine
we all met last year at that charity fundraiser
I recall yours preferred sparking juices
she’s a botanist who studies ancient spruces
but I’ve never ever ever heard her name

my greatest social weakness
is that I get right to conversation
small talk feels meaningless
I’d rather our ideas avoid stagnation
I’m great at banking faces
no fear of polite embraces
but names are my greatest vexation

I love you friend, but I don’t know your name
I love you friend, but I don’t know your name
your face is clear, your voice is too
but I’ve never ever ever heard your name

-verse 3-
hello friend, oh yes, you’ve changed your hair
we talked about your plans to change it over drinks
it was blonde when I saw you last
purple now, flattering, iconoclast
but I’ve never ever ever heard your name

hello friend, of course I’ll share a drink
I remember we closed down the hotel bar once upon a time
we talked of european politics
cotton fabric and brown dog ticks
but I’ve never ever ever heard your name

my greatest social weakness
is that I get right to conversation
small talk feels meaningless
I’d rather our ideas avoid stagnation
I’m great at banking faces
no fear of polite embraces
but names are my greatest vexation

I love you friend, but I don’t know your name
I love you friend, but I don’t know your name
your face is clear, your voice is too
but I’ve never ever ever heard your name


friday random eleven: “relapse” edition


This week has not been amazing in terms of personal well-being, or, you know, the well-being of seventeen people in Florida. After a thoroughly enjoyable experience with Friday night’s Father-Daughter dance, and a pretty decent adventure Saturday with the D&D crew, and an excellent batch of cajun chicken salad derived from this pretty much perfect Instant Pot “rotisserie” chicken recipe, I began feeling seriously fatigued.

I woke up Sunday morning with the Mother of All Sore Throats™, and it only got worse from there. I struggled through work on Monday and Tuesday, but pretty much just collapsed as soon as I got home each day; Wednesday I didn’t move. I totally slept through Valentine’s Day (though given our schedules, my lovely wife and I mutually agreed to punt it to the weekend). I went back into the office Thursday, because I had shit to solve, but I ended up bailing early, and setting the time sheet up for the same thing Friday. I’m hoping the long Presidents’ Day weekend will see me through this particular relapse (I went through a less severe bout two weeks ago); I blame my entering The Belly of the Best itself, the elementary school, on Friday night.

I can only imagine how bad things would be if I hadn’t gotten the flu shot.

Oh well. This weekend, beyond convalescence, has some teenage boy birthday activities scheduled (Black Panther! Teen Boy D&D One Shot!), and maybe getting out for a romantic (as much as possible, given how we’re all feeling) meal with the spouse. That’s honestly probably enough.

Oh, and in spite of the feeling so shitty, I’m kicking #FAWM ass, with eleven of fourteen down on the sixteenth. I’m gonna finish this and then some. About half of these are even good!

I figure I’ll share the lyrics of the latest; I’m rather proud of it:

Hey there my friend it’s been a while since we’ve shared more than simple pleasantries
we used to be so close but then things happened like careers wives kids geography

now it’s facebook likes and christmas cards, odd 8x10s of Gil Gerard and Erin Gray
I miss our old adventures, I’m sure you do too but it seems life’s just got in the way

I think of you each time I take a tipple from that flask you got me as a gift
when we used to wedge so many of us in the car for trips it was impossible to shift

hanging out at your apartment, talking beer and tech and science fiction films
I never could get you into RPGs, but not everything gives everyone the same cheap thrills

We haven’t shared a meal together in I guess it’s been like seven years
but I kind of think we’d fall right back into old habits, that void would disappear

I find my current life lacks something without your presence wit and unique outlook
But across the years and distance I can recall your image just like a picture in a book

That disastrous bachelor party,
late night talk, barstool philosophy
I kind of wish that we could get that back…

…but then the robots attacked.

Yeah, I only have so much wistfulness in me.

Here’s some tunes I didn’t write:

  1. “Under The Sun” – Diiv
  2. “Saturday” – Go Betty Go
  3. “Spectral Light” – Temple of the Fuzz Witch
  4. “Never Been Wrong (demo)” – Waxahatchee
  5. “The Thunder Answered Back” – Eskimeaux
  6. “Avant Gardener” – Courtney Barnett
  7. “Night of the Sabbath” – Legion of the Damned
  8. “Tainted Love” – Soft Cell
  9. “Kickstart My Heart” – Mötley Crüe
  10. “Hold Me Now” – Thomspson Twins
  11. “Photograph” – Def Leppard

friday random eleven: “maybe 242 years was a good run” edition


My nerves really can’t take this kind of thing for much longer, I’ll be honest. This latest shutdown drama, passing late into the night (and still technically not over as I write this) has been hell on my calm, especially given how normally disorganized my organization is. I went to bed not knowing whether I’d be working, and I woke up at 5am not knowing whether I’d be working (since the House apparently passsed the bill aroun 5:30). Bill still hasn’t been signed by the White House, and given how stable that place is, I can’t be sure it will be, because it doesn’t have a wall in it. In the meantime, I’m following instructions, sitting here in limbo in my office, not working (because I can’t, technically), waiting for word on what the hell I’m supposed to be doing.

This business is all very frustrating to me. Personally, because I and my cohort of public servant worker drones are getting tossed around as pawns with alarming regularity, and also because it’s all theater; everybody pretty much agrees on the issues they’re fighting over (yes, the DACA kids deserve a path to citizenship; let’s get that sorted out). Also, the fact that I have to admit that I agree a bit, at least in principle, with Senator Rand Paul about something (that spending is a little crazy, even if we’d disagree on appropriate spending targets) is troubling. Were I merely a disinterested observer and civics geek (and I’d argue that I’m kind of the latter), this would all be fascinating. As it is, I’m just seeing it as evidence that we’re pretty much a Republic in decline, and as a career bureaucrat pawn in the game, I have a front row seat.

Oh, as I write this, I just got an email broadcast from the agency COO:


The President is expected to sign the funding bill this morning. No one should be furloughed at this time. etc.

Okay. Whatever. If you really look at the bill, it’s just another continuing resolution carrying us to March 23 (which could really screw up my plans for Consonance), with the skeleton of the huge budget “deal” attached; a deal that will actually have to be it’s own piece of legislation, so we might have to do this again…I’m to cynical to believe that we’re all bipartisanship and roses now.

So what do I have lined up this weekend? Tonight, whether I’m furloughed or not, I’m doing a father-daughter dance thing with the youngest at school (hope it’s not the creepy kind; I expect it will be enjoyable -she’s certainly excited), and running the crew through further adventures on the Isle of Dread tomorrow afternoon. I also need to pay my bills at some point.

I might also be crying and wailing in despair at some point, but if I can manage to avoid that, I will.


  1. “Rich Girl” – Daryl Hall and John Oates
  2. “Dancin’ In The Moonlight” – King Harvest
  3. “Watching and Waiting” – Journalism
  4. “Coming Home” – Cinderella
  5. “Life of Just Living” – Cavemen
  6. “Is There A Ghost” – Band of Horses
  7. “Down Under” – Men At Work
  8. “Hard to Explain” – The Strokes
  9. “Here if You Want (Pale Blue) – MOSSS
  10. “Home” – Day Wave
  11. “Dondergod” – Heidevolk

Couple of hours later update to this nonsense: Shortly after this particular missive posted, we got a message that superseded the message I quote above, telling us to engage in an orderly shutdown. So, we start. Less than 40 minutes later, we get further notice that we’re to cease that shutdown business. Talk about whiplash. Even later, more official guidance laid things out to say that if you got your furlough notice, you got the day. If not, you’re working as normal. My boss had a small fender-bender on the way into work.

We missed the cutoff by ten minutes. Damn.


another tune


Total novelty tune – haven’t really solidified the music yet, but it sounds like a country thing to me.

A friend posted on social media last night about how she was “helping a friend get laid by teaching them calculus.” I, in search of a writing prompt, leapt into action.

I don’t have a title yet (I used the rather (ha!) derivative title “Love and Calculus” over on the #FAWM site). Given the fact that I haven’t thought about calculus in years, I’m going to take the fact that it’s totally obvious that I did some creative vocabulary googling as a bonus, given the subject matter.

-verse 1-
I wish I knew more ’bout absolute convergence
it sounds like something that’d help earn your esteem
to understand the rules of calculus would help me to earn your largess
that’s a theorem of which the value is extreme

To test the differentials would be effective
to sketch the shape and area of your curves
You’re integral to the infinite geometric series, not at all derivative
though I suspect that I may just be getting on your nerves

You’re supposed to help me make the grade in calculus
though I’d rather you be the tutor of my heart
I know I’m misunderstanding the jargon passed between us
the my only thought’s to integrate our parts

-verse 2-
I fear my tangents breach the limits of integration
but my pursuit of your lower bounds is an iterative process
I’m confident my sequence will eventually result in explicit functions
and our falling bodies will graphically connect

For now it’s but a valiant one-sided limit
but my efforts will eventually crack your cylindrical shell
I’ll pass the test, solve the key sequence, right to the nth degree
causing our cross sections to align in parallel

You’re supposed to help me make the grade in calculus
though I’d rather you be the tutor of my heart
I know I’m misunderstanding the jargon passed between us
the my only thought’s to integrate our parts

-verse 3 -epilogue-
Alas our discontinuity is essential
our reciprocity’s not mutual, my formula you loathe
no motion in our orbit, harmonics experience disintegrative decay
and I’m stuck with unattended logistic growth

You’re supposed to help me make the grade in calculus
though I’d rather you be the tutor of my heart
I know I’m misunderstanding the jargon passed between us
the my only thought’s to integrate our parts


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