remembering to take my plant home


Monday is, allegedly* my last “in-the-office” work day for 2017. Tuesday through Thursday, I’m off-site (at that nice training facility around the corner from my house) taking a not-so-exciting three day course on Earned Value Management, as I believe I may have mentioned. This is not something I’m excited about at all, but it’s required for the fancy certification I’m supposed to earn for this job, so whatever.

The weekend wasn’t awful, I guess. My wife and I legitimately tried to go to the cool vegan-pop-up/holiday bazaar at Hardywood Park Craft Brewery in the city on Friday night, but after knocking out a little shopping first, the snow and freezing rain were in full swing, and while the roads weren’t awful yet, the drivers were, and it was getting colder, so we settled for dinner out at the nearby mexican place (she got a margarita, I made it home without the requisite bottle of Gingerbread Stout, which is really good stuff), then home.

The storm kept up for most of Saturday, though the roads weren’t awful – we ended up with an inch or two depending on where you took your sample, but I still ended up venturing out once or twice for some things (cornbread to go with the chili I threw in the crock pot, etc) and to catch the new Gen III pokemon (because I still play Pokemon Go – sue me).

Sunday, I ran the usual D&D game with the post grad students legit PhDs (congrats Kat and Will), where we had a good time with a classic “on-rails” one shot dungeon crawl, where the druid managed to get her hands on a Cloak of Billowing (a “common magic item” that does nothing useful other than to billow dramatically on command); and chose to continue wearing it while wildshaped into a velociraptor (I allowed it, because “rule of cool” is my DM mantra). As a dinosaur, she couldn’t speak, but continued to puncutate interactions by billowing the cape whenever appropriate (or not), mostly to taunt the barbarian in the party, because why not. It was fun, and the boss demon, for whatever reason, was fond of metagaming (telepathically telling the party about his employee evaluations, and sacastically wondering why they just don’t come on in for the fight, rather than continuing to confer outside the big doors with the symbol of Vecna on them). I also gave out Inspiration for dick jokes. It was fun, and a good send-off for Will, who’s off to a post-doc fellowship in Texas for a while.

That’s about it, really. Otherwise, I’m continuing to work on shutting down the program for a couple of weeks while I’m in class/on leave, figuring out when we’re going to get out to see The Last Jedi this weekend, and working to deal with the unfortunate lower-GI symptoms of the iffy leftovers I had for dinner last night, and thanking the maker that I forgot the other batch I’d packed for lunch.


*- I say allegedly, because although I’m in class the rest of this week, I’m likely not going to be able to put the last bit of business I talked about earlier without another meeting with people I’d rather not deal with.


friday random eleven – “i wanna solve *something*” edition


Okay then. Not loving life right now. Stress (and depression) is a bitch.

As I run down the end of my work year, I’m able to nudge lingering issues forward, sorta, but they never seem to get solved. I’ve got this one issue I’ve been trying to run down since October, and whenever I make some progress, they change the rules, or somebody who had influence leaves the organization and somebody else needs to get “up to speed” and then *they* change the rules and I have to sell my (very simple) solution all over again. Made some progress this week, but it’s slow and I need some sort of good news/resolution.

I kind of hate my job right now, even though I’ve gotten a two week reprieve on furlough. We’ll see. Government is actually good at waiting until the exact last minute to accomplish the absolute minimum required to keep trudging along. At least I get my class

Right now my weekend is allegedly quiet – the girls have a couple of small dance things (nursing home performance, local Christmas parade), and I’m supposed to run my D&D game on Sunday, but really, who knows, since the weather folks are saying the magic word snow for tonight and tomorrow, so who knows; when that particular word gets uttered, all bets are off in Central VA.

Me, I just want to get resolution to something; anything. Quick, somebody set up a contrived problem I can come in, solve, and maybe feel better…


Anyway, tunes. #4 is one of those anthems of my high school years that’s always kind of nice to hear. And yes, there’s a double dose of Pink Floyd on the list, which I’d normally get frustrated about, but honestly, it’s really two different bands, depending on whether Roger Waters was there (#6; although there’s still some Syd Barrett influence left in ’71, even though he left a few years earlier) or not (#1, which was really all Gilmour)…

…and that’s your prog rock history lesson for the day. Rock on, potentially wearing your Rick Wakeman cape.

  1. “Marooned” – Pink Floyd
  2. “Famous Friends” – Kittens Forever
  3. “All Messed Up” – The Donnas
  4. “Fallen Angel” – Poison
  5. “Santeria” – Sublime
  6. “One of These Days” – Pink Floyd
  7. “Dr. Feelgood”- Mötley Crüe
  8. “I Melt With You” – Modern English
  9. “Promises” – Day Wave
  10. “Head over Heels” – Tears for Fears
  11. “You Make My Dreams”- Daryl Hall & John Oates

secret wars?


The news of the potential of Disney buying up a big chunk of Fox’s assets and intellectual property hit a fever pitch this week, with talk of a deal being announced as early as next week, leading to exciting possibilities like orphaned Marvel properties such as the X-Men and Fantastic Four “coming home” to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

I’m kind of conflicted, actually. While I would *love* to have Marvel’s First Family exist within the MCU (preferably as a weird-science Kirby-tastic 60s period piece – hear me, Feige?), and the option of getting Star Wars: A New Hope‘s home video rights back with the other films (which could finally lead to maybe getting us some decent original theatrical edition versions released someday), there’s a lot of potential not-so-good things that could come of it, both in terms of the characters we love, but also the entertainment industry as a whole.

First of all, if Disney buys up Fox’s entertainment side, they’ll own upwards of thirty percent of all movies released in the last year (that’s a stat I heard this week; I can’t find it right now); that’s not exactly good for competition. While it’s not a perfect synchronization (given various production companies not aligning completely with studios etc), that’s one giant megacorp controlling damned near everything, which in my mind, is going to, at the very least, stifle creativity. Disney, being as huge as it is, is pretty risk averse – I don’t see to many risks being taken – Marvel movies are great, and wonderfully enjoyable, but I wouldn’t exactly call them particularly daring.

Also, Hulu could be a problem; That particular streaming service is currently split amongst almost all the major studios – Disney and Fox each hold somewhere around a twenty-five percent stake. Disney buys Fox, all of a sudden, the mouse is a majority stakeholder. This might not be all bad -Disney’s been talking about setting up their own streaming service for a while; should this go through, they might just use the existing Hulu infrastructure instead. However, if Disney’s got a majority, all the other guys who get their stuff out over Hulu’s service will fall by the wayside.

One of these days, the studios are going to figure out that everybody having thier own services sucks – Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon have pretty much figured the infrastructure out; sure, holding back studio properties leads to cool stuff like Stranger Things, but I can’t think of anybody who wants to subscribe to fifteen different streaming channels to get all the cool stuff – that’s just cable TV all over again, and since these entertainment businesses are all also kind of in the broadband business, and Net Neutrality in serious danger of going away, we, the customer, are screwed.

Also, finally, I don’t really even want the X-Men hanging out with Cap, Thor and Iron Man on the movie screen. The fact that the MCU started out without the heavy sales hitters like Spider-Man and the Mutants actually encouraged more creativity and aiming for the “deep cuts”, many of which are my favorites. If those guys were there from the beginning, we’d never have gotten Ant-Man or Doctor Strange. Historically in the comics, the X-Men have mostly stayes to their own end of things (other than recent, overdone event series of the last decade or so) historically, and it works – additionally, the X-Men movies seem to work pretty well on their own anyway – they aren’t all amazing, or particularly married to continuity, though they work in their own sense of context, and have given us some pretty great individual properties like Deadpool and Logan, which wouldn’t have really worked otherwise. I say leave ’em out – they’re fine on their own, and the comics guys since the 60s understood that (in spite of Wolverine being on everything now). Sure, Marvel didn’t do amazing things with Inhumans as a replacement they’ve been playing at for the last few years, but Marvel doesn’t really *need* an X-Men replacement in their universe – the Avengers, Defenders, and cosmic folks hanging with the Guardians are fine.

I bet this deal happens. That said, I hope it doesn’t seriously upset the delicate balance of the entertainment industry, or the ten years’ worth of cool storytelling in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, even if they already have the whole Infinity Stone thing queued up to change up the universe anyway and just wedge stuff in – I just hope they don’t.


now the year is really winding down


As I mentioned a couple of posts back, the year doesn’t really feel like it’s coming to an end until I see a certain feature on a certain web site. Well, I’m feeling it. As such, I share with you, as I do most years, The A.V. Club’s Year in Band Names feature; a collection of all the interesting, clever, or strange bands/demos/whatever that the AV Club music editors have cross their desks over the course of the calendar year – it’s an interesting look into the world of indie music (which, as I wasn’t when I started following this piece years ago, a part of) and the trends and patterns found therein.

2017 included lots of good ones. In no particular order, here are the top ten that jumped out at me as I digested this year’s collection:

  • Necrolytic Goat Converter
  • Hold On, Caufield
  • Terra And The Dactyls
  • Insignificant Other
  • Tyrannosorceress
  • Mayya And The Revolutionary Hell Yeah!
  • Diarrhea Sprinkles
  • Top Nachos
  • The Washboard Abs
  • Republican Hair

As well this year, I figured I’d share a couple of other multimedia highlights apart from the cool names, as it’s gotten so much easier to share media than it was years ago when they first started this annual piece. To wit:

Anyway, it felt wrong not to share the joy.


two lane blacktop


I spent more than twelve hours behind the wheel this weekend. I have been from one end of Virgina to the other a couple of times, and my back is killing me, even if I did get a chance to catch up on my friends’ podcasts.

I’ve been from Richmond to Amherst twice (two hours or so each way) to retrieve and return the eldest, who was home for the Feis and grade exams this weekend along with her mother and siblings (yes, siblings. all of them – they’ve got the boy competing now!). The Feis went well for the kids and the school in general – all the ladies nailed at least one first place, and both girl children bumped a level in a category (that’s a first place ahead of a certain number of competitors), and the boy child did not come in last in his group, which is something.

I was not present for the competition on Saturday, as I said previously, as I had to head two hours in the other direction for the Humdingers gig, at the party, which is always a good time; plus we got to play most of the new stuff that’s going to be on the new record, and I got to hear the first public performance of “Kiss in the Rain” (I need to write a bass part eventually; it’s going with some different instrumentation on the record and doesn’t need me), which is gorgeous, and has a neat Decembrists vibe – I can’t wait for the world at large to hear it; in fact, I can’t wait for the whole world to get their hands on the entirety of Fantastic Geeks and Where To Find Them, becuase it’s going to be really, reaslly awesome; we’re all very excited.

To wrap the weekend,after hanging for the first part of grade exams with the HOI crew and running the kid back to school on Sunday, I got part of the grocery shopping done, put in some laundry, and settled down to watch a couple of episodes of The Punisher on Netflix, which I’ve been slow to engage with;I’m not a huge fan of the character (there’s honestly only so much you can do before he’s basically the villian with a code he started out as), and let’s face it, he’s troubling given the current american climate (at least before it became wall-to-wall sex offenders in terms of zeitgeist recently). I’m five episodes in, and while it’s not Jessica Jones or Luke Cage, it’s engaging me a bit, although not a hell of a lot has happened yet. My biggest problem is the fact that it’s kind of just retreading his (well done) arc in Daredevil season two of working to knock down the conspiracy (yeah – it’s a whole dark government conspiracy now rather than just a random mafia encounter) that got his family killed, adding more evidence to my thesis that there’s only so much you can do with the guy.

So yeah, that’s the weekend. The coming week will largely involve working to close down the work year and putting out the last few fires, and again, keeping an eye on the news to see if I get to take my class the week of the 11th, or get furloughed again. Yay.


friday random ten: “training day” edition


This week, all told, has been kinda dull. Solved a couple of problems, saw a few others stall. I had some frustration with the state of the current project management hellscape come to a head on Thursday, but luckily one of my very good, knowledgeable, and understanding teammates/mentor types was in for some other meetings and kindly and heartily engaged in a communal bitch session, and we both felt a bit better afterwards.

Friday includes a clear work calendar; which I’m okay with. I plan on knocking out all the electronic annual training I have to take for the new FY. It’s that time. This stuff is normally dull, but occasional interesting or amusing things come in, such as the slide on the Truth in Negotiations Act in the fraud awareness training module having a picture of TINA Turner on it.

Also, folks are starting to brace a bit for the now regular fear of government shutdown since we still lack a continuing budget resolution; watching the memos about travel funding starting to roll in, and frantically F5’ing Government Executive website to get the latest news. Political theater like this doesn’t exactly make any of us confident.

The weekend’s a busy one, but not in a bad way. Friday afternoon I have to go get the kid at college; HOI is hosting the Richmond Fall Feis, so they’re all dancing Saturday. For once, though, I won’t be there – I’ll be playing the legendary Filk and Cookies Christmas Party with the Humdingers, hosted by some dear friends. We’ve done this one the last many many years, and a good time is had by all. It’ll just be me representing the Parker clan this year, but I’ll try and do the rest of them proud.

That’s about it here, really. On the two week countdown to the end of my work year now (barring the crap in the third paragraph – well, that just might make it one week countdown, but it in a “I wonder when I’m gonna get paid again” kind of way); it won’t feel real until the AV Club posts “This Year in Band Names”, though.

Speaking of bands, here ya go:

  1. “Under Pressure” – Queen (feat. David Bowie)
  2. “Before Battle I Embrace” – Folkearth
  3. “The Ocean Breathes Salty” – Modest Mouse
  4. “Summer of Love” – Waxahatchee
  5. “Youth” – Daughter
  6. “The Denial Twist (live)” – The White Stripes
  7. “Don’t You Ever Wash That Thing? (live)” – Frank Zappa
  8. “Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)” – Journey
  9. “Thelonius” – Jeff Beck
  10. “Deadbeat Girl” – Day Wave
  11. “Mascaria”- Slant Six

it should be this simple; don’t be a dick.


It’s tough, as someone posessing a Y chromosome, to find the right angle to talk about the recent streak of men in positions of relative power being called out for sexual harassment/misconduct. It shouldn’t be, really; somebody engaging in that sort of behavior is undeniably reprehensible, and ought to be called out, shamed and punished for it. At the same time, being a human male, I’m sure there’s been some time in my life where I’ve been less-than-perfect when it comes to interactions with my female peers, friends, colleagues, or just somebodies I’ve passed by on the street. It’s likely been nothing seriously out of sorts (I would hope), but I’ve been on this planet for more than forty years, and slightly more than half of this planet’s human inhabitants are female, and I’m far from a perfect person, so I’m sure it’s happened sometime.

My response to the statistical likelihood that I’ve been a chauvinist douchebag at one point or another is, I guess, appropriately, shame, and the desire to apologize sincerely to anyone to whom I’ve ever behaved that way to, but then, I start second-guessing myself, probably rightly, that any such apology would come off as insincere and self-serving, and it’d just be insulting to anyone I’d offer it to, so I should probably just shut up, but at the same time I want to be supportive to my fellow humans, but the act of doing so is just as likely to offend someone as not.

This is what it’s like in my head sometimes.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this isn’t the reaction a lot of basically decent (which I honestly hope is a description that applies to me) people are having right now. It should be simple, but it’s still kind of complicated because of the great possibility that at some point, I’ve been in the wrong in this particular area, and thus don’t really have the room to criticize withouth coming off as insincere. It’s a weird place to be, but then, life is rarely so cut and dried; simplicity doesn’t often enter into things where reality is concerned.

That said, I’m just going to keep doing my best to treat people with basic respect; find basically non-hostile, non-creepy ways to steer clear of people who can’t manage basic respect in return, and try to be a good neighbor to the rest of the organisms, sentient and otherwise, I share the universe with. Hopefully, that’ll be enough.

That said, I’m not wholly perfect. The particular business about Matt Lauer, who I always thought was a creepy, mediocre, awful person; one who posesses all the same unpleasant, egotistical and self-important traits of the worst faux-alpha media “personalities” I’ve had the displeasure of interacting with over the years, has given me at least a small measure of joy.

Seeing that kind of person knocked down a peg or two appeals to my sense of justice, in a world where that doesn’t happen very often. I’m just going to have to live with my imperfection.


fandom on the bay (sorta – bay-adjacent, certainly)


Hope your Thanksgiving was cool. Mine was, relatively; being one of those holidays where the culture foists marketing-crafted “traditions” on us and aims to make us feel inadequate if we don’t adhere, there’s always a bit of stress, even if I’ve managed to let go of a lot of that sense of obligation to do things that don’t feel right. That said, I got my Thanksgiving meal (that I made because it’s good and I enjoy it), prepared with all fresh ingredients (save the cranberries in the jezebel sauce, which were frozen. By me; I bought ’em fresh a while back and didn’t use them all for that purpose.) knocked out on time, and all the dishes completed within minutes of each other and washed most of the preparatory dishes as our early dinner hit the table. I am awesome.

Spent the afternoon of Thanksgiving watching movies (Atomic Blonde – excellent sountrack!; Drive Angry – best Ghost Rider movie; and Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets – a mostly worthy successor to Besson’s Fifth Element) and starting to pack up some things for the weekend.

The weekend, as mentioned previously, involved ChessieCon up in the Balitmore area, where I was on the bill with Dimensional Riffs. It’s been a while since I did a con in the area (not since Balticon several years ago), and certainly hadn’t done one since getting enmeshed in the mid-atlantic filk scene. Overall, the con was pretty chill, and very small (it sometimes felt like there were more guests than attendees, though I can’t be sure). I made some friends and contacts, enjoyed the hospitality and welcoming spirit of the lower-northeast region’s filkers, and enjoyed hearing their songs (new stuff is always cool). I broke out some of my newer stuff, which got a pretty decent reception, and got to play all the old stuff to fresh ears. I appreciated the community (as I always do in filk-y circles), who were very welcoming and supportive – I hope I put that attitude forward as well. I also caught a show from the Misbehavin’ Maidens, which was awesome; you should check them out, especially if you’re into bawdy, nerdy, feminist music with a strong vocal/a capella vibe. So much fun.

The other bit I talked about previously, that of drama, wasn’t totally successful – there was a bit, but I’m working on getting past that, and it didn’t totally trash my experience. Also, the ‘Riffs were well-received for our official show – it wasn’t my best show, but it was good enough, and the audience enjoyed it and sang and laughed along in the right places. Can’t really ask for more than that.

The drive home, however, was total shit. There are many reasons I don’t really dig getting within spitting distance of I-83 these days, though the traffic situation from the Baltimore area all the way down to the edge of the Richmond metro on the Sunday after Thanksgiving gave me ample reminder of a major one of those regions. What is on the best days a not-quite-three-hour trip took almost six. Wasn’t loving it, though I got through a bit of my podcast backlog.

As is usually the case if I can manage it, I took the day after the con off, which was the right idea. I made sure I got a decent amount of sleep (as well as some exercise in the hotel’s really nice gym) this weekend; mostly, but having been getting over some kind of cold/virus/whatever, I wasn’t my best going in (and my bandmates all seemed to come out of the weekend with con crud that I’ve mostly avoided), but after the drive, I needed a day away from the program management world, and a chance to sleep in.

I did some shopping for my wife, and knocked out tracks for two new tunes for the upcoming Blibbering Humdingers record, Fantastic Geeks and Where To Find Them (you can get a pre-release EP version at the link). I have one more tune left in the hopper that I’ll hopefully get to tonight (I was kind of burned out after knocking out two yesterday). I’m really looking forward to getting this one out in the world; there’s some great songwriting from S&K (especially Kirsten) this time around, some of my best intstrumental work, and hell, an actual songwriting credit for me. We should have it out by the end of the year in time for our early 2018 Guest of Honor gigs.

That’s it for now, really. Back to the grind, though I’m really on the end-of-year countown at this point – less than two weeks in the office, a week of class, then I close out my occupational year. I think I’ll survive.


end of my work week random eleven: “thanksgiving and such” edition


Wednesday is my last day at work this week. In fact, they’re releasing us a little early for the holiday, which I’ll take happily.

I’ve got basic meal plans for the meal tomorrow – pretty low key, but I got some great produce at the farmers’ market this week (Turnips! Fresh Brussells Sprouts!) I’ll be employing; likely a simple roasting (that’s the best way to do sprouts – half ’em, brush em with olive oil, sprinkle with salt and garlic, toast ’em a bit, then drizzle some balsamic on ’em), but some recipe googling between now and then may change things.

Otherwise, it’s gonna bit chill. Folks are home, everyone else is off starting Wednesday. I picked up Atomic Blonde on Blu-Ray the other day – stylish cold-war spy stuff will be my post-turkey and cranberry jam.

Friday, however, I do have to head north to Baltimore; as I mentioned, the ‘Riffs are playing some tunes at Chessiecon for the weekend. Looking over the guest list, there are a couple of folks I know, but I’m not really sure what to expect; it’s a bit out of my usual range for a while (I tend to work in a southerly direction these days). I’m mostly hoping for some decent, low-key social interaction, maybe a few discoveries, and minimal drama.

That’s about it, really. Hope you all enjoy your long weekend, however you choose to celebrate, be it eating or football or shopping or quiet contemplation; go ahead, be you. If I have any advice, it’s don’t feel obligated to traditions that make you unhappy. Life’s too short for that.

Anyway, since I’ll likely be consciously off the grid a bit, here are some tunes a few days early. Enjoy. Decent little mix there. Pop Punk, Prog Rock, a little Goth, a little art, a little Viking metal, and a nice nod to Malcolm. Mostly, though – that little five-note/three-note accent guitar lick in #9 on the verse? I so totally forgot how awesome that was (I haven’t heard this tune in years that I can remember). Hell, the whole collection of lead fills on that one…#goals.

  1. “Enjoy the Silence” – Depeche Mode
  2. “Rock and Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution” – AC/DC
  3. “Fat Man” – Jethro Tull
  4. “Crying Shame” – 7 Year Bitch
  5. “Iron Hand” – Grand Magus
  6. “Renegades” – X Ambassadors
  7. “Bohemian Rhapsody” – Queen
  8. “Heroes” – David Bowie
  9. “Der Kommissar” – After the Fire
  10. “Montana” – Frank Zappa
  11. “Havamal” – Falkenbach

back to the grind…for a few days at least


All quiet on the bloggy front for the last week; as I said, I was in work training last week, and other than a few social media updates, I was kind of out of the writng brainspace, what with all the note-taking and getting up to speed on program management training.

The good news to report is that I passed my training course with flying colors, and knocked out another level of certification (application for that cert level pending, as in I haven’t filled out the paperwork just yet); just one more to go, and those classes are either completed or scheduled…the next one on the docket for December; three days on Earned Value Management (go ahead, read that wiki link if you need an insomnia cure). Oh joy. The only thing I have to look forward to there is the fact that it’s the last thing I do for the work calendar year before my Christmas break.

Had a few interesting events happen over the course of the week nonetheless, though. Wecaught Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson‘s “An Astrophysicist Goes to the Movies” lecture/presentation at one the theaters downtown, which was a lot of fun, with Dr. Tyson, one of the true heirs to Carl Sagan’s “abassador of science to the masses” title (along with, arguably, the Mythbusters guys and Astronaut Chris Hadfield), applying scientific principles to movies and entertainment in general, to highlight “movies that spent a lot of time on science and got it wrong, and movies that didn’t think about it at all and got most of it right”. Look up his decade-long crusade the get the sky right in Titanic sometime; it’s a nice way to kill half an hour.

Also, along with heading out to SBC to grab the kid for Thanksgiving break (after being out there last week for the fall dance concert), we finally caught a screening of Thor: Ragnarok on Saturday, which was a ton of fun, and I highly recommend it (along with pretty much everything directed by Taki Waititi, especially What We Do in The Shadows).

Finally, I won some tickets via WNRN to an in-studio session on Sunday at In Your Ear studios in the city; where the lovely spouse and I got to sit in on an acoustic performance and interview with Katie Crutchfield, aka Waxahatchee, recorded for broadcast. Waxahatchee was playing in town that night, and I was terribly excited to catch this opportunity, as I’ve been digging her record Out in The Storm (seriously, go check it out – like at the previous link to bandcamp, right now) for the last couple of months, and a Sunday night show was just too late for me, especially on a week where I’d been away from the office. Instead of a big music hall rock show, I got an intimate performance of a couple of songs and some interview (via deejay Melissa Goode, the music director at WNRN, and possessor of an FM radio voice so perfect it’s no wonder she went into broadcasting) with an audience of maybe fifteen people, and I got a chance to scope out a pro recording studio where a couple of Grammy-winning recordings have been produced. It was cool.

While I was doing all that stuff, the rest of Dimensional Riffs played a couple of sets at Atomacon in Charleston, SC (I had all the work and kid stuff, plus I have a hard time driving seven hours each way for an unpaid gig), with vocalist Drew filling in on guitar duties (and by all rights doing a decent job, as evidenced here) while I was out of pocket. I look forward to having the flexibility of two guitars in future gigs, so we can try some fancier stuff…

…maybe even this weekend, as the ‘Riffs are booked to play Chessiecon in MD this coming weekend (yeah, thanksgiving weekend…oh well), and I’ll be back sitting in. Also, being a bit out of my usual con zone, I’m hoping to maybe try out some newish material in the filk circles to see how things shake out (if it sucks, I likely won’t see these people again for a while). Still a bit of a haul, though what the hell.

That’s the big update, really. Not much else besides the usual Thanksgiving stuff (I’ve been laying in provisions a bit this weekend), and a three day week, that looks reasonably quiet overall. I’ll take it.


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