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the definition of insanity…

29 Sep

Quickly following up on the previous post, I have gotten yet more “promising” news claiming all my stuff will be done and settled by the end of the day. We shall see.


delightfully meta

18 Nov



Post apocalyptic

28 Aug

Power’s out, stress is high, but we’re here and okay, waiting for the rest of the Horsemen. I hope Death really does speak in all caps. I’ll let you know if the locusts show or the James runs red with blood.



15 Aug

so yeah, this page looks a little…uh, blank and generic today. I tried to be diligent and back up the database last night, and somehow hosed everything up real good. luckily, I have a good backup with all the posts; hopefully I’ll be able to import the last three years of posts with some level […]


the value of the journey – when the road less travelled becomes the main throrofare

03 Aug

I vaguely remember hearing a few rumblings in my preferred corners of the internet regarding this essay by comedian-actor-geek Patton Oswalt about the simultaneous mainstreaming and death of nerd culture when it was published last December, though never managed to get around to it until very recently. Most of the reaction to the essay was […]



17 Feb

Happy birthday, Andrew! I really should post a picture here, as is my habit, but I can’t figure out how to do it from the phone. Just imagine a picture of nine penguins, or a photo of christopher eccleston here for now, okay? update: look! I sort of figured out how. Behold, nine penguins!


taking a haitus

07 Apr

I had a tense personal experience this weekend that’s going to take me a little time to work through. I need to get my own head together and organize my own thoughts before I can deal with things. As such, I’m going on break for a while; I need to think. I’ll let you know […]


100 emails – saturday update

09 Feb

we’re 18 messages short, and we have two days to get them. No biggie, if you’ll find someone who hasn’t sent something yet, and point them at!


Friday Random Ten – end of summer edition

31 Aug

Yeah, I missed last week. I was busy. And being off like this, I keep forgetting what day it is. It’s kind of liberating. Anyway, since it’s basically the end of summer, this list might be the soundtrack for the first hour of my Labor Day barbeque, were I to actually have one. I always […]


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