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12 Sep

we still doing this? yep, we’re still doing this

01 May

It’s that day, folks!


no reason

06 Apr

other than this is probably the best thing ever:


one more from church hill this weekend

29 Mar

Pope Francis is watching you drink beer before noon on Sunday morning. It kinda looks like he approves.


THE DUCK is coming for you…

24 Mar

I just thought you should know.


training day

26 Jan

Today, based on the fact that all my regular meetings are cancelled and my email box is full of reminders, I am working through all my annual online refresher training modules; all part of life in the public sector. First on the docket is the annual anti-terrorism refresher training, which remains pretty much the same […]


wisdom of the commentariat

18 Oct

…courtesy of somebody named thebump on adequate man: I’m almost forty, and from what I can tell so far life is essentially just an endless series of moments where you realize “I was really fucking stupid five years ago.” ayup.



19 Sep

Oh, it’s also Talk Like A Pirate Day! I posted this way back (I can’t actually find it), though it was always my favorite TLAP celebratory stunt, courtesy of PlunderAsunder: Ahoy! Four score an’ se’en voyages ago th’ old salts brought fore on these waters, a new crew, free an’ dedicated t’ th’ accord that […]


since it’s friday

09 Sep

…and the 50th anniversary (give or take) of Star Trek: I needed that. I hope you did too.


some personal pokemon silliness

25 Aug

There’s been another update to Pokemon Go this week, including the new “appraisal” feature, ideally for players to get a read on how effective/powerful their various pokemon are. It took players approximately 30 seconds to turn it into one big dick joke. I admit, I did laugh. And I needed a laugh this week. This […]


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