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if one is quaffed, two will fill in it’s place

10 Jul

(H/T to the Dragon*Con (unofficial) discussion group)


pretty good political dad joke shade

05 Jun

My Senator kind of won the internet for the day with this one: Sure, the internet occasionally laughs at Sentor Kaine’s “aww shucks” demeanor and dad jokes, but I kind of love the guy (even if he’s not always as progressive as he could be); he’s got a consistent worldview, and does his best to […]


as a parent…

29 May

…this is a thing that doesn’t surprise me in the least.I literally LOL’d (and I don’t claim such things lightly). Encountered in this thread on Jezebel about Matthew “Neville Longbottom” Lewis’s wedding this past weekend:


in accordance with tradition

01 May

Because we all know what day it is….


well, I tried

04 Jan

The metropolitan area got about four inches of snow overnight (my friends to the east got hit a bit harder). It’s cold, and pretty. As I said in my last post, today’s the day I was supposed to go back to the grind after the holiday break. When I woke at my usual 5:10am, my […]



12 Sep

we still doing this? yep, we’re still doing this

01 May

It’s that day, folks!


no reason

06 Apr

other than this is probably the best thing ever:


one more from church hill this weekend

29 Mar

Pope Francis is watching you drink beer before noon on Sunday morning. It kinda looks like he approves.


THE DUCK is coming for you…

24 Mar

I just thought you should know.


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