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19 Jun

‘Twas a pretty busy weekend, overall. While work has kind of settled into a new routine now that development on our piece of the larger project is in full swing, my two contractors (responsible for different parts of the process) are kind of at odds (this rivalry pre-dates my involvement, but it’s currently my problem), […]


friday random eleven: “lots of big stuff” edition

09 Jun

Lots of big stuff happening this past week…Obviously, the *biggest* news was what happened in the last post. So far, the kid tells me she doesn’t feel all that different, which is understandable; this big event, to be honest, probably has a lot more to do with how other people see you than how you […]



23 May

Seriously! LOCKJAW! I know people have been kind of dismissive of Marvel’s upcoming Inhumans tv series coming this fall; it’s a very weird corner of the Marvel Universe, traditionally more Shakespearian than even Walt Simonson’s Thor, full of arch, scenery-chewing Game of Thrones-style royal family backstabbing involving women with prehensile hair and a guy named […]


friday random eleven – “all over the place” edition

05 May

Happy Friday, folks. It’s actually not been a bad week at all. At work, I’ve managed to finally (I think) give everyone the documentation they need to wrap up the annual budget/contract stuff so I’ll be able to pay my folks next year. I hope, anyway. It feels good right now, so I’ll take it. […]


may the fourth etc..

04 May

The Catholic reflex is strong with this one… I kind of love fun meaningless holidays, and Star Wars Day fits the bill perfectly. Just a fun little excuse to get your geek on, style your hair in cinnamon buns, or whatever your favored token of celebration. My favorite thing about it, though, is the Glitter […]


bulletproof. blind ninja. whatever it is you are…

03 May

Look what dropped today! It’s nice to see the four Netflix heroes together, for the big Defenders crossover series; I enjoyed each of them, in one way or another, on their own, though I’m hoping (and am encouraged by what you see above) that together, they’ll be greater than the sum of their parts; I […]


fast, furious, ridiculous

24 Apr

Last week, I got an insanely good deal on the blu-ray box set of the Fast and the Furious series; seven films with a space included to add the eighth film (currently in theaters) down the road. it also has a light up dashboard on the cover, for some unfathomable reason. Go ahead and laugh; […]


happy discount candy day, spring edition

17 Apr

it’s monday. yep. I’m still feeling pretty okay; all told. It’s refreshing, but kind of weird, to be operating without significant anxiety. Life hasn’t changed, at all, really, though dealing with it’s got much easier; I recognize the problems, but they don’t weigh on my so heavily. I’m eating less, sleeping better, and, all, is, […]


this is gonna be great

10 Apr

…it may even Ragna-Rock! (I’m sorry). Here’s the teaser trailer for Thor: Ragnarok: It’s not like the other Thor movies, and that’s okay. This one, in large part, I think due to director Taikia Waititi (seriously, go see What We Do In The Shadows to get a sense of his sensibility – it’s on amazon […]


making things, reviewing things

20 Mar

Hanging in there. It’s the monday after the sunday after the saturday immediatlely following the actual calendar date of St. Patrick’s Day, which is really stretching the joke, but with a family of Irish dancers, it’s the life. We (I say we because I always roadie these things) had one performance on Friday night at […]


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