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wrocking roanoke

15 May

So…the Roanoke HP festival. It was interesting. There were some weird organizational issues that could be chalked up to this being the first year of an event that got way bigger than anybody expected (and a couple of rumors I won’t go into that probably can’t). The folks in attendance seemed to have fun (even […]


friday random eleven: “don’t talk about it” edition

12 May

Happy rainy Friday, folks! I’m wrapping up my work week a little early to make the trek to the other end of the state for the Roanoke Harry Potter Festival gig tomorrow, which should be fun, even if the whole business has been wet, rainy fustercluck so far in terms of scheduling, atmospheric conditions, and […]


Roanoke Potter Fest

11 May

It seems the thing to drop a quick note to let anybody within sight of this particular post that we Humdingers will be performing at the Roanoke Harry Potter Festival in beautiful Roanoke VA this Saturday, May 13! As of right now, the schedule has us playing at 11am and 4pm as part of the […]


Fantastic Geeks and Where to Find Them

07 May

Hey, look what I woke up to this morning! Fantastic Geeks and Where to Find Them (Pre-release EP) by The Blibbering Humdingers It’s the new release (kind of) from The Blibbering Humdingers! We’ve been working quite a bit on this one for the last little while (right up until Saturday afternoon, in fact!), and while […]


friday random eleven – “all over the place” edition

05 May

Happy Friday, folks. It’s actually not been a bad week at all. At work, I’ve managed to finally (I think) give everyone the documentation they need to wrap up the annual budget/contract stuff so I’ll be able to pay my folks next year. I hope, anyway. It feels good right now, so I’ll take it. […]


we still doing this? yep, we’re still doing this

01 May

It’s that day, folks!


“Live in the Boudoir” goes live for download!

30 Apr

Fresh off our successful run of shows at this year’s Ravencon, Dimensional Riffs’ debut release, Live in the Boudoir has hit the internet for digital download! It’s not the limited edition, artisanally-burned CD, but it’s the same content, only in electrons, and still only FIVE BUCKS(!) if you buy it as a package. That’s a […]


thursday random eleven – “because I won’t be here friday” edition

27 Apr

Hey folks, as evidenced below, since I’m taking a couple of days off to prepare for and recover from Ravencon (and also, because I deserve it), I probably won’t be in this space much, so why not throw up a playlist today while I’m going through my emails and sorting out the day? I’ve already […]


ravencon this weekend

26 Apr

Hey folks, just a quick reminder that I’ll be at Ravencon in Williamsburg this weekend with Dimensional Riffs, in our official con debut. Yes, this band played a couple of bar gigs this summer with a different line-up, but this is the first big show for this particular version of the band, and I think […]


not this shit again

24 Apr

I had a pretty decent weekend. The kid totally rocked the prom with her vintage dress, the post-prom “event” at my place didn’t result in the teens trashing my house (thanks kids), my favorite farmer was at the farmers’ market on Saturday morning to sell me some awesome produce, I had a successful practice session […]


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