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mostly talking Spider-Man

10 Jul

Monday mornings definitely leave something to be desired. It’s not that I’m not getting things done, because I actually am today; it’s just a bit of a struggle to have much in the way of investment or motivation. My give-a-shitter, as they say, is broke. Over the weekend, though, I got some stuff done. Had […]


friday random eleven: “teenage hollywood” edition

07 Jul

It’s been kind of a week. A short week; which always feels longer for some reason. Time dilation’s a bitch. If I hadn’t mentioned it previously (I haven’t posted here in a week, so I haven’t mentioned it here, I guess), we had a pretty good holiday weekend. A lot of it was pretty chill, […]


somewhere on the journey I find we

26 Jun

Twenty years ago today, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was first published. Somewhere in late 1999 or early 2000 (I honestly don’t remember quite when, but the experience sticks with me), I picked up a paperback copy of Sorcerer’s Stone (oh, how I still wish, all these years later, they just went with the […]


talking weekends through the fourth dimension

12 Apr

My weekend finally ended last evening. I took a couple of days off to support a couple of commitments and to maybe, sort of, get a little bit of rest here in the early spring. That last bit didn’t quite work, but I got stuff done. The big event was the trip to Sweet Briar […]


twenty-four years ago today

15 Feb

Valentines’ Day, February, 1993. I had gotten my ass dumped by an individual I was kinda/sorta dating my freshman year of college. Turns out I dodged a serious bullet there (phrases like “chlamydia treatments” and “kicked out of England on drug charges” would be applied to this individual in the coming months/years), but yeah, at […]


friday random eleven – “anachonism” edition

10 Feb

I’m not going to belabor anyone with stories of my week; nobody wants that, not this week, anyway. I’m hoping for some enjoyment this evening, though, as the eldest child and I are scheduled to take in the musical stylings of Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox tonight at The National downtown. And maybe some BBQ beforehand. […]


proud of all my friends this weekend

23 Jan

To all you folks who marched all over the country (and perhaps the world – I think my net might actually cast that far these day) this weekend, I just want to say how proud and honored I am to know and love you. You’re good people. We chose not to appear in person this […]


this weekend: Marscon

11 Jan

Okay folks, this weekend is kind of the weekend I live for every year. Marscon, a weekend celebration of sci-fi, fantasy, general nerd stuff, and, as has become the tradition of the last half-decade or so, music. Once again, for the fourth year running, I’m playing bass with The Blibbering Humdingers all weekend. Back in […]


wrapping up 2016

01 Jan

The past year was (not just because of all the very public deaths of famous people and the less-than-preferable political stuff) challenging. This isn’t to say that I didn’t accomplish stuff, because I did. That’s mostly what this post here is about; highlighting the good stuff. The challenges are there, over the posts logged over […]


thursday/friday random eleven – “no politics” edition

10 Nov

Originally, the post directly below this one was going to be the lead-in to my usual end-of-week random ten eleven post, but started to take on a life of it’s own, so that’s how I let it go out into the world. This post, other than the oblique mention in the previous paragraph, will be […]


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