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30 Apr

So it was a weekend; not an awful one, even. The spouse and I had an evening out for dinner at one of our favorite places (Capital Ale House – had a really nice brown ale from Lonerider in Raleigh NC) and to grab some odds and ends for a dress she’s making. Upon coming […]



29 Jan

Now, I don’t really get the antipathy toward this word, though people seem to hate it, and it came up as the joke when I looked at WTForecast?!! (you mean you don’t know what WTF?!! is? you need to go and download the app immediately!) Sunday night. However, it certainly is descriptive of the circumstances […]


my weekend – look what you made me do

28 Aug

yep, that’s just me channelling my inner TS (actually, while I haven’t been keeping up with all this, they song is kind of catchy, and apparently she’s a bad girl now? I don’t get it. Also, Madonna did all this stuff better 30 years ago). Whatever. I had a weekend. It was a pretty good […]


weekend positivity round-up

13 Mar

You might have noticed there wasn’t a regular report on Friday. That’s fine; I was just off the internet, which is something you have to do now and then. My weekend was actually pretty decent; I got stuff taken care of on Friday (including getting the eldest a pretty awesome prom dress for almost nothing), […]


my fellow musician

09 Feb

Some of you might remember, I bought an acoustic bass a few months back on a whim (I saw it getting traded in, I went back to the store later and picked it up for $50 or so). As I don’t have a proper case for it, and it was ultra-cheap anyway, I tend to […]


weekend update

07 Feb

Yes, it’s Tuesday. I was sick yesterday. I didn’t go to work, I slept, and watched movies on the couch. One of those movies featured Daniel Radcliffe as a farting corpse being used as a jet ski. It wasn’t bad. As for the weekend, we had a nice dinner out for the wife’s birthday. I […]


as a friend said, they’re playing Coachella this year

02 Feb

I didn’t have the best evening last night. I spent it, along with a very worried nine year-old (last time I’m doing that) at the vet’s office to get a burst abscess on an eleven year old cat’s anal gland sorted out. $300, a handful of prescriptions, and a yet-to-happen follow-up this weekend, I’m kinda […]


some personal pokemon silliness

25 Aug

There’s been another update to Pokemon Go this week, including the new “appraisal” feature, ideally for players to get a read on how effective/powerful their various pokemon are. It took players approximately 30 seconds to turn it into one big dick joke. I admit, I did laugh. And I needed a laugh this week. This […]



22 Aug

…among other things, I went to a Pokemon Go! raid this weekend. What that means is that a huge number of players of this game get together in a Pokestop heavy public area and wander around catching monsters, sharing intel, and generally bringing the social part of this game that overlays the real world to […]


friday random ten – “bittersweet june” edition

10 Jun

Happy Friday. Not huge amounts planned for the weekend; usual home stuff (laundry, cooking, etc), farming for some anniverary cakes on Marvel Heroes (I’m not ashamed), staying out of Richmond until the Dumpster fire leaves town, and maybe continue some nostalgic meditation watching old Bob Ross Joy of Painting episodes on Netflix. Also, having some […]


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