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friday random elevenish: “um…no” edition

27 Jul

It’s not even over, and it’s already been the week from hell. I’m not even going to get into the work bits, because I don’t want to get ridiculously angry again. The weather’s been a mess and I haven’t managed to get *any* biking in this week at all, and also, Lady Sif is still […]


friday random elevenish: “feis funk” edition

20 Jul

This week, I tell you… While the family dancers didn’t have a bad showing overall at the US Open this past weekend, I somehow ended up picking up a bug from all the kids wandering around; started with the headaches and sinus congestion, went through some serious lower GI issues (I shat away seven pounds […]



30 Apr

So it was a weekend; not an awful one, even. The spouse and I had an evening out for dinner at one of our favorite places (Capital Ale House – had a really nice brown ale from Lonerider in Raleigh NC) and to grab some odds and ends for a dress she’s making. Upon coming […]



29 Jan

Now, I don’t really get the antipathy toward this word, though people seem to hate it, and it came up as the joke when I looked at WTForecast?!! (you mean you don’t know what WTF?!! is? you need to go and download the app immediately!) Sunday night. However, it certainly is descriptive of the circumstances […]


my weekend – look what you made me do

28 Aug

yep, that’s just me channelling my inner TS (actually, while I haven’t been keeping up with all this, they song is kind of catchy, and apparently she’s a bad girl now? I don’t get it. Also, Madonna did all this stuff better 30 years ago). Whatever. I had a weekend. It was a pretty good […]


weekend positivity round-up

13 Mar

You might have noticed there wasn’t a regular report on Friday. That’s fine; I was just off the internet, which is something you have to do now and then. My weekend was actually pretty decent; I got stuff taken care of on Friday (including getting the eldest a pretty awesome prom dress for almost nothing), […]


my fellow musician

09 Feb

Some of you might remember, I bought an acoustic bass a few months back on a whim (I saw it getting traded in, I went back to the store later and picked it up for $50 or so). As I don’t have a proper case for it, and it was ultra-cheap anyway, I tend to […]


weekend update

07 Feb

Yes, it’s Tuesday. I was sick yesterday. I didn’t go to work, I slept, and watched movies on the couch. One of those movies featured Daniel Radcliffe as a farting corpse being used as a jet ski. It wasn’t bad. As for the weekend, we had a nice dinner out for the wife’s birthday. I […]


as a friend said, they’re playing Coachella this year

02 Feb

I didn’t have the best evening last night. I spent it, along with a very worried nine year-old (last time I’m doing that) at the vet’s office to get a burst abscess on an eleven year old cat’s anal gland sorted out. $300, a handful of prescriptions, and a yet-to-happen follow-up this weekend, I’m kinda […]


some personal pokemon silliness

25 Aug

There’s been another update to Pokemon Go this week, including the new “appraisal” feature, ideally for players to get a read on how effective/powerful their various pokemon are. It took players approximately 30 seconds to turn it into one big dick joke. I admit, I did laugh. And I needed a laugh this week. This […]


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