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my hero this week

16 Jun

Senator Harris went above and beyond this week during her questioning of AG Sessions during his testimony this week. Calm, professional, and effective. I know my body language would be a lot less restrained than hers had I been in her place dealing with the word salad bullshit coming both from the questioned and her […]


hey Virginia….VOTE!

13 Jun

It’s primary day here in Virginia. As it is every year after a presidential election, Virginia will pick a new Governor in 2017 (it’s always a new one – that office is term-limited, no more than one four year stint, at least sequentially), and the media always focuses on the race as a litmus test […]


not this shit again

24 Apr

I had a pretty decent weekend. The kid totally rocked the prom with her vintage dress, the post-prom “event” at my place didn’t result in the teens trashing my house (thanks kids), my favorite farmer was at the farmers’ market on Saturday morning to sell me some awesome produce, I had a successful practice session […]


friday random eleven: “another existential cry for help about my position in the bureaucratic machine” edition

03 Mar

So today started off with a bang, or a restart, at least, since I got part way to work and had to turn around because I realized I forgot my ID card. Luckily, I guess, I remembered less than one exit down the interstate, so it didn’t cost me anything but about 20 minutes and […]


friday random eleven: “fifteen” edition

17 Feb

Happy Friday, folks. This week’s been, not exactly uneventful (in fact, on some higher conceptual levels, it’s been pretty damned eventful indeed), but it’s passed quickly and quietly for the most part. Weird Virginia weather, sinus pressure a constant annoyance, the usual political noise, and Valentine’s/Discount Candy Day, depending on your perspective. Today is, however […]


proud dad

08 Feb

My 17 year old daughter registered to vote today. This is a big deal. I’m so proud. I just wanted to say that. She kind of looked at me funny while we talked about it, but this is something that’s hugely important for me; and a logical step in her progression as an informed and […]


weekend update

07 Feb

Yes, it’s Tuesday. I was sick yesterday. I didn’t go to work, I slept, and watched movies on the couch. One of those movies featured Daniel Radcliffe as a farting corpse being used as a jet ski. It wasn’t bad. As for the weekend, we had a nice dinner out for the wife’s birthday. I […]


proud of all my friends this weekend

23 Jan

To all you folks who marched all over the country (and perhaps the world – I think my net might actually cast that far these day) this weekend, I just want to say how proud and honored I am to know and love you. You’re good people. We chose not to appear in person this […]


friday random eleven: “political wait-and-see, really shitty morning” edition

20 Jan

Good morning, such as it is. Hasn’t really been so far, except that it hasn’t killed me yet, despite at least one earnest attempt. Stay tuned. I originally said I wasn’t going to belabor the issue of what’s happening today a couple of hours north of me. I then proceeded to add my couple of […]


the play’s the thing wherein I’ll catch the conscience of the king

22 Nov

Artists have always had a particularly useful place in society; as my SCA bard friends could tell you, it’s the jesters and fools who are often given leave to tell the truth when others can’t. The Hamilton cast proved that this weekend, Saturday Night Live has been doing it for pretty much my entire lifetime […]


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