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friday thursday random eleven – “end of days” edition

15 Dec

Here it is. My last day of work for 2016. It’s been a heck of a year, all around, and my work life really isn’t an exception. I’ve taken on more responsibility, which involves lots of dog and pony show meetings and briefings to important people (even if those briefings aren’t so much about defending […]



08 Nov

Okay. Today’s the day. Get out there and vote. Put a welcome period on this whole ugly business of this election season, even if, like me, you’ve been obsessively following it these however many months or years. Do it. It’s the absolute least you can do to participate.


friday random eleven – “muggles, money and mucus” edition

30 Sep

This week started with a sick day (that I’m still not over), involved an indirect presidential encounter, and so far, has been ending with a tremendous exercise in self control to not grievously maim a needy co-worker who does not understand that my office does not exist solely to support their particular project by answering […]


this weekend’s adventures…

01 Jun

Once again, we’re featured guests at ConCarolinas; as expressed in the above poster, our big shows are Friday and Saturday at 8pm, plus we’ll be involved with everything with the word “filk” in it, and will probably make some noise otherwise besides. come on out! …and while you’re at it, check out the rest of […]


I give up…sorta

07 Mar

Hey folks, today I announce to the three of you who care that I’m done with primary predictions; at this point, they come so fast and furious that I can’t keep up with them (totally missing the ton of them this weekend – why did nobody call me out on my 3/2 post? I know, […]


nerdmusik in norfolk

21 Aug

In case you’re in Norfolk tomorrow night and need something to do, we’re playing a show with our friend Mikey Mason at Atlantis Comics on Saturday night. Details here. Come see us, it’ll be our first show together since Concarolinas, and it should be interesting and fun, and we’ll make you laugh. I hear there […]


rocking for spock

23 Mar

Among all the other things this weekend, I played a show with my friends The Blibbering Humdingers at a local venue in town; ’twas us and our fellow nerd-rockers Paradox Machine playing to a full house of friends and nerd-rock fans, which was pretty great. We had a lot of local (and not so local) […]


“i won’t break today”

20 Mar

As much as I hate to admit it, the subject of this post is what I find myself chanting to myself as I walk from the parking lot to the office door every morning these days. Things are a little rough around my office right now; first, because I’m still figuring out what the hell […]


something besides penguins and drinking games – the state of a blog

21 Jan

So yeah, life’s getting in the way around here; not much in the way of time to tend to this little corner of the internet. I guess I should be honest; I haven’t been tending to this space with much real depth for a while now. I guess there are a couple of reasons for […]


up and down

16 Dec

So, this past weekend, stuff happened. Warning: post will contain life. I worked a short week last week, as I will this weekend – it’s the end of the year, and for the first time, accumulated leave, and my inertial habit of not taking all that much during the course of the year (especially when […]


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