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friday random eleven: “convalescent” edition

13 Apr

If you’ve been keeping up, I’ve been in kind of a haze this week. It happens. I’ve been focusing a lot of my effort on maintaining some control of my office responsibilities (since I had to brief the big important people this week – it got…interesting. Didn’t realize how dire a lot of these people […]


io saturnalia

17 Dec

As it is December 17, today we begin the celebration Saturnalia, the Roman festival for Saturn, god of the harvest, running through December 23, and landing, as most winter celebrations do, around the time of the winter solstice. Saturnalia, of course, is the pagan observance from which many modern Christmas traditions are derived, including the […]


it’s time for my favorite year-end list

09 Dec

Being mid-December, all those great year-end lists are rolling out (stay tuned for mine after Christmas). My favorite, though, is av club’s “year in band names” list, which collects the best(?) band names from all the promo stuff they receive over the course of the year, handily organized by categories such as “anatomy”, “food and […]


state songs – wallowing in three-chord nostalgia

06 Sep

The AV Club recently posted a great Q&A feature discussing suggestions for various official state rock songs, given that a couple of states actually have official ones, and others have generally accepted unofficial ones. There are lots of good suggestions in there: New Jersey writer Joe Keller makes a passionate and lucid defense for Bon […]


proof that music was best when you were thirteen

13 Feb

A while back, I posted this cartoon from Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal largely without comment: I posted it because it encapsulated a certain truth regarding the nature of pop music and nostalgia. A truth that I found was more or less borne out in the contents of this list at Buzzfeed making the case that […]


reptilian threats of love

06 Feb

Oh, it’s that time of year…and Chris at Comics Alliance has the rundown of the “best” store-bought valentine cards out there this year, including this one, where Michaelangelo threatens to beat the object of his affection with nunchaku. …plus, you know, it has my name on it, so that’s cool.


lying down in front of the bulldozer

14 Jan

Sunday morning, I heard this piece on NPR and got terribly excited about revisiting my undergrad history degree and writing up a clever treatise about my affection for the


music and healing

26 Sep

During the experience I recounted in my last post, I had the pleasure of learning a bit more about a group that’s doing some really great work in my community (and many others across the country) that I thought I’d share with my small but dedicated audience: Guitars for Vets. The idea behind the group […]


yep, i’m going to be humming this for days

08 Sep

And now you will too. You’re welcome.


getting back on the horse

30 Jul

Not feeling particularly profound today, but I thought since I was getting back into the routine everywhere else, I might as well do it here by posting something. The routine was disrupted last week, as I was off for a week. I needed some time, and some things needed done. Didn’t get quite as much […]


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