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spam folder poetry: october 2017

23 Oct

once again, as the spam folder fills up, I recycle the contents into *art*, or something thereabouts. The poems below, as always, are actual extracts from the spam comments this blog receives, arranged according to my whim. Occasionally, I hit on some deep stuff, addressing such varied topics as: correspondence: hello iam Lian your site […]


spam folder poetry time!

04 Apr

As I occasionally do, I practice sustainability by recycling the electronic drivel I find in my spam folder by grabbing snippets of spam comments about replica handbags and search engine optimization and re-arranging them into verse. Why do I do this? Because it amuses me for a few minutes, and probably because it confounds search […]


confusing ad algorithms everywhere!

22 Feb

As I may have mentioned in the past, while I post a a fair bit the social networking site that uses the big F as it’s logo*, I tend to keep a lot of “personal” information (such as place of residence, job, and relationship status) vague at best in the profile section, as I’m a […]


friday random eleven: “fifteen” edition

17 Feb

Happy Friday, folks. This week’s been, not exactly uneventful (in fact, on some higher conceptual levels, it’s been pretty damned eventful indeed), but it’s passed quickly and quietly for the most part. Weird Virginia weather, sinus pressure a constant annoyance, the usual political noise, and Valentine’s/Discount Candy Day, depending on your perspective. Today is, however […]


friday random eleven – “it’s….coming!” edition

06 Jan

All told, it’s been as tolerable a first week back in the real world as one could reasonably expect. There were, as there always are, challenges (figuring out where the hell we left off at the office), weirdness (kitchen fixtures showing up in decidedly not kitchen places, for example), non-sequitir (I have been served so […]


scene from the morning of November first

01 Nov

I began the day with a discussion of the reproductive biology of certain Hershey (née Peter Paul) confections. the eldest child was scraping the leftover Halloween hand-out candy for an Almond Joy, and noticed that there were none there. I told her I had a Mounds last night, though that if one was present, the […]


friday random eleven – “dog and pony shows” edition

14 Oct

Even with the day off at the beginning, this week has felt longer than usual. This probably had to do with the fourteen hour day I put in yesterday, trekking up to the DC metro for a multi-agency dog-and-pony show where I had to play ringmaster for a large part of the day. The meeting […]


volatile mood warning

20 Sep

I apologize up front today to anyone caught in the crossfire, but y’all need to know this. I am currently wrecked with stress, anxiety and the afteraffects of insomnia. It’s very likely I’m going to, with roughly equal chances on average with variations based on current conditions on the ground, ignore you, rage at you, […]


friday random eleven – “bruised arm at Magrathea” edition

26 Aug

I suspect this is kind of the usual refrain here, but this has been a rough week. I think this comes up here more often because feelings of despondence tend to trickle out through my fingers onto the interwebs. If I’m feeling good, I’m less in my head, enjyoing the moment. Anyway, I struggled a […]


friday random ten – “pop culture omnivore” edition

05 Aug

Being Friday, I shall continue my tradition of posting a random list of tunes pulled off of an interest streaming service, and offering up a short summary of my week. The tunes’ll come eventually, I promise. As for the week, it’s been less than optimal. First of all, the kitten (who’s really past two years […]


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