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friday random eleven: “back to the mundane” edition

08 Sep

With the big geek labor day celebration behind me, I returned to the mundane world of public sector information technology program management on Thursday, and was pleased to find that that the place didn’t collapse in my absence. Well, my corner of it didn’t, anyway. Looks like one of my EDI trading partners’ feed shit […]


thursday/friday random eleven: “burning the use or lose” edition

27 Oct

Okay, sure, it’s Thursday. I’m doing the random tunes thing a day early. It’s my life and my blog. Sue me. In any case, the reason I’m doing it early is that I’m taking a day off tomorrow and don’t really plan to be on the computer all that much. As I have enough service […]


various and sundry pop culture and politics – Feb 2014

26 Feb

I’m feeling slightly guilty about not having huge amounts to say in this space. Suffice it to say that life and otherwise is keeping me occupied largely in meatspace. Running kids around and stepping up to cover for the spouse as she’s currently mired in some pretty intensive responsibilities lately, vehicle maintenance, headaches of electronic […]


I will dare (despite the fact that it’s now awfully easy)

12 Sep

Just wanted to take a minute to point out (another) article over at The Av Club which I *almost* wish existed ten years ago when I fell into a particular rabbit hole, a Beginner’s Guide to Paul Westerberg and the Replacements, which does a nice job of running through the band’s history and evolution, and […]


wherein I take part in the death throes of physical media

02 Oct

I still buy CDs pretty regularly, because I have a CD player in my car that isn’t fancy like the aftermarket one we put in @fairiemom’s car with the USB port and external auxilliary jack and multicolored LEDs and all that other fun stuff you get with those things. I still need to feed it […]


cutout xxx: not as dirty as it sounds

16 May

The 30th edition of this particular exercise does have a theme, though I’m not entirely sure what it is. There’s a lot of “rock” going on here, spanning several decades, but centered on the early 90s, for no other reason besides the fact that that’s when I did the greatest volume of compact disc buying. […]


cutout xxix: exploration of unexpected places

25 Apr

A few more discs from the big green box, with the requisite inclusion of long-forgotten discs from the early 90s. I never quite know what I’m going to get when I start writing things down about the listening experience – sometimes, It feels like I’m just phoning it in, sometimes I hit on some interesting […]


cut out xxviii – this is what my twenties sounded like

05 Apr

Four more discs from the most transitional of periods in my life – my late 20s. One foot in childhood, another in adulthood. Sounds I associate with different times, different places, sometimes in surprising combinations. In any case, it’s a draw from the box that’s a little varied, but wouldn’t necessarily be out of place […]


cutout xxvii: old and new connections

19 Mar

I truly was intending to keep making these record reviews a regular thing, though I can’t seem to manage it lately – it’s not that I’m not listening to music, it’s that I’ve not been bothering to write down my thoughts on a lot of the CDs I’m listening to. As I said, I’d keep […]


cutout xxvi : i still buy cds

13 Feb

It’s been a while since I touched this particular feature. I don’t know why. Maybe I just needed a break. Or, it could be that I took my big box of discs out of the car a month or so ago, and haven’t gotten around to putting it back. There are, however, still discs in […]


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