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happy discount candy day, spring edition

17 Apr

it’s monday. yep. I’m still feeling pretty okay; all told. It’s refreshing, but kind of weird, to be operating without significant anxiety. Life hasn’t changed, at all, really, though dealing with it’s got much easier; I recognize the problems, but they don’t weigh on my so heavily. I’m eating less, sleeping better, and, all, is, […]


weekend positivity round-up

13 Mar

You might have noticed there wasn’t a regular report on Friday. That’s fine; I was just off the internet, which is something you have to do now and then. My weekend was actually pretty decent; I got stuff taken care of on Friday (including getting the eldest a pretty awesome prom dress for almost nothing), […]


project positivity: thursday

09 Mar

Today wasn’t altogether bad either, at least so far (and as it’s past six and my dinner is cooking, I’m calling it a day). The fact that I made today my Friday helped a bit. I had a productive work session with my team at the office, wrapped up all my paperwork, answered a few […]


project positivity: day one report

07 Mar

After yesterday’s post about being positive about things, I spent a lot of the day thinking about how I go about doing it, and it kind of became a project. So, I’m going to take a couple of minutes every day this week to focus on the good stuff; the wins, however small, I’ve experienced; […]


hey tuesday…

21 Feb

I’m getting a tiny bit of a breather on a Tuesday morning, which has, so far, been filled with all sorts of “absolultey HOT, need ASAP!” tasks waiting for me that hit my email after 4pm on Friday, though a cursory look at the email trail for context shows that the people needing them “ASAP!” […]


friday random eleven: “fifteen” edition

17 Feb

Happy Friday, folks. This week’s been, not exactly uneventful (in fact, on some higher conceptual levels, it’s been pretty damned eventful indeed), but it’s passed quickly and quietly for the most part. Weird Virginia weather, sinus pressure a constant annoyance, the usual political noise, and Valentine’s/Discount Candy Day, depending on your perspective. Today is, however […]


friday random eleven: “same story, different week” edition

27 Jan

Cue the usual refrain: “It’s been a hell of a week”. Yeah, I know, I always say that. This time, my extenuating circumstances include the previously alluded to financial stresses (thankfully abated now), the lack of a washing machine for most of the week (now also corrected), and the lingering not-quite-sick layover after having a […]


friday random eleven – “it’s….coming!” edition

06 Jan

All told, it’s been as tolerable a first week back in the real world as one could reasonably expect. There were, as there always are, challenges (figuring out where the hell we left off at the office), weirdness (kitchen fixtures showing up in decidedly not kitchen places, for example), non-sequitir (I have been served so […]


friday thursday random eleven – “end of days” edition

15 Dec

Here it is. My last day of work for 2016. It’s been a heck of a year, all around, and my work life really isn’t an exception. I’ve taken on more responsibility, which involves lots of dog and pony show meetings and briefings to important people (even if those briefings aren’t so much about defending […]


thursday/friday random eleven: “burning the use or lose” edition

27 Oct

Okay, sure, it’s Thursday. I’m doing the random tunes thing a day early. It’s my life and my blog. Sue me. In any case, the reason I’m doing it early is that I’m taking a day off tomorrow and don’t really plan to be on the computer all that much. As I have enough service […]


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