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google isn’t always your friend

30 Sep

I really shouldn’t be allowed to read medical case studies. I had a CT scan done of my wrist on Friday morning, in order to get a better idea of what’s going on. I picked up the CD with the images on it this morning (they were having some equipment problems Friday, and couldn’t burn […]


friday random ten – “rice cakes, rice cakes, rice cakes” edition

28 Sep

not even a need to explain at this point, really… “nightingale” – norah jones “don’t let me get me” – pink “candy” – bouncing souls “everywhere” – michelle branch “you’re just never satisfied” – fountains of wayne “nosering girl” – nerf herder “long way back home” – barenaked ladies “just one kiss” – violent femmes […]


linux kid

25 Sep

okay, Nana, you were asking for pictures of the baby; here’s the little eight and a half pounder (according to the pediatrician today) in her little pink penguin outfit: Six weeks old and already evangelizing for the open source community. And look, I’m typing with eight fingers – diagnosis change on the arm; might have […]


list of things I can do left-handed…

23 Sep

type this, with difficulty drive a car with an automatic transmission change a diaper (very impressive, that…) answer the question “what did you do?” vacuum the living room almost answer my cellphone ride out the occasional jolt of pain feed the fish put away groceries clap I write this, because thanks to some unintended contact […]


friday random ten: “doom an evil deed, liven a mood” edition

21 Sep

you know the drill… Actually a pretty standard selection this week, including the one song I can confidently play on the mandolin (guess which one…if you dare), plus a couple of oddballs…. I mean, who has a copy of Michelle Pfeiffer singing lustily about Maxwell “Say No More, Mon Amour” Caulfield while she humps a […]


Pirates knife fink set a rip

19 Sep

“Avast Ye, scurvy bilgerats, to the plank with Ye!” Yes, Friends, today is Semptember 19, known across the Wide World and the Seven Seas as Talk Like A Pirate Day, so give someone a hearty “Arrrrr!” today. I wisely haven’t told me kids about this yet…I don’t think their teachers would appreciate it (they both […]


because I felt like it, a tuesday post

18 Sep

My last post ended singing the praises of the live-action Japanese Spider-Man tv show. I believe I mentioned the machine gun guitar cowboy? And didn’t post a link to this wonder of 70s television? Well, click here. With that bit of business out of the way… Not sure how I feel about the week…when I […]


the end of an era, and something completely unrelated.

16 Sep

I am very tired. We were way too busy this weekend (well, okay, too busy Saturday). The baby keeping me up past two am didn’t help either. Luckily, I have a nice wife who lets me sleep in occasionally while she gets showered with baby gifts. I am going to bed early tonight. I think […]


Friday random ten – really crappy week edition

14 Sep

yeah, with one or two exceptions, this week’s been the perfect storm of crappiness…at least my random ten doesn’t completely suck: “personal jesus” – johnny cash “wampum prayer” – tori amos “dirty eyes (sex don’t sell)” – ravionettes “go” – the replacements “head over heels” – the go gos “soak up the sun” – sheryl […]


oyez oyez oyez

12 Sep

Happy Birthday, Mike! This has been another blog-post-in-lieu-of-birthday-card from me.


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