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no more dampness…also, a charitable tax deduction

30 Mar

I hung a clothesline yesterday in desperation to dry the clothes that were spinning and not drying. I was going to wait until next weekend to take care of the dryer business (as far as I can tell, it’s the heating element that’s shot – I smelled something funny briefly on Friday afternoon), and dry […]


I said, “No Thank You, Sir!”

29 Mar

I wandered into Wal-Mart today (yeah, I know, bad idea) to pick up a couple of quick grocery type items, and saw the following sight in the soft drink/beer and wine isle: Sorry for the blurry phone picture; I suppose I was quaking in revulsion. In case you can’t read the label, that’s a can […]


Friday Random Ten: “one day grind” edition

28 Mar

why I took off Wednesday and Thursday, but not Friday, I’ll never know. Honestly, it made sense at the time, but not so much now. Oh yeah…music: “Like A Rembrandt” – The Badlees “You Need A Hug” – The Ataris “I Just Wanna” (live) – KISS “Selling the Drama” – Live “Right Behind You Baby” […]


spring break after all: horse pills and the lowest common denominator in entertainment

27 Mar

Since everyone else was off this week, I took Wednesday and Thursday off as well. Partly because I frankly just needed a break from the work grind, and the rest because I just needed the rest. And what the hell, I deserve a couple of days off now and then. Y’see, since Thursday or Friday […]


in which my laptop auditions for a Guy Ritchie film

24 Mar

edit: Added the “more/jump” thing when Doug indicated to me that the embedded media was screwing with his mac’s rendering of my page. My apologies…. —– This weekend, I found a fun little text-to-speech program called espeak. Very simple, type something on a terminal command line, and your computer says it. Amused the kids greatly. […]


The Audacity of Hope? Yo.

21 Mar

The Powers-That-Be in the film world continue to strip-mine the pop-culture of my youth in order to find new film properties to develop. The latest? a live-action GI:JOE, based on the 80s 3¾ inch line. Given today’s political climate, Hollywood’s track record with these kind of properties (I think Transformers was an exception – any […]


Friday Random Ten: “No Spring Break for you. Not Yours.” edition

21 Mar

This week, for all kinds of reasons – some obvious, some still a mystery – I am utterly and entirely exhausted, on all kinds of levels, both physical and otherwise. I need a break, but it’s unlikely I’m going to get one any time soon. I want spring break too! “Livin’ On A Prayer” – […]


Re: that speech

19 Mar

Yeah, I think you ought to read it. I’m not going to gush like Chris Matthews last night (I’d feel safe making a bet that he wet his pants during Hardball), but I think Senator Obama managed to do a good job of hitting on the core elements of the race issue in America, highlighting […]


a collection of random musings

18 Mar

♦ I hate kicking off the work week with an “agency only” status meeting that always quickly devolves into a “let’s bitch about the contractors” meeting, with the direction and blessing of the people who called the meeting. The negativity really kills the mood for a good productive week for me. Part of me wants […]


Friday Random Ten: Π day edition

14 Mar

Another week almost done; thank the Maker. At least it was a sort of productive one. Below, find your musical selections from the “shuffle songs” function of my ipod: “Trundrumbalind” – Joe Satriani “Dum Diddly” – Black Eyed Peas “Circle” – Edie Brickell & New Bohemians “Falling Apart” – Darcie Miner “Factory Girls” – Flogging […]


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