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As a former history teacher…

30 Apr

…this makes me sad. To illustrate a comment made by Senator Clinton the other day, this is the graphic below that Fox News created to reference the Lincoln-Douglas debates: The worst part of this is that while the graphic itself was probably ‘shopped up at the last minute by an intern, none of the producers, […]


technical impediments to getting my geeky music fix

30 Apr

According to teh internets, The incomparable Molly joined Jonathan Coulton and Paul And Storm on stage at a show in Seattle, Washington for a couple of tunes the other night. Thankfully, there is ample Youtube coverage of the event, though I am currently unable to view said footage, as I am behind a flash-video blocking […]


style sadly winning over substance

27 Apr

This Op-Ed piece in today’s New York Times is pretty much right on the money. And, it’s just one more reason why Elizabeth Edwards is completely awesome. __________________ Oh, and Scalzi managed to post another perfect example of cat blogging.


Friday Random Ten: “sinus issues, volume XIII” edition

25 Apr

Like I said the other day over on the sidebar, I can’t remember the last time I wasn’t just a little bit sick. The latest round is running through the whole family; I’m still stuffy, Colleen and Mary are both out of it…we just keep passing it back and forth. Oh well…music: “Disco Duck” – […]


odds and ends

23 Apr

♦ The race rolls on…the small net gain Clinton picked up yesterday will almost surely be cancelled out come May 6. It continues to be essentially a 51-49 split within the party. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as the vast majority of Democrats (and consistently, Democratic primary turnout has been twice that of the […]


Hey, Pennsylvania Readers!

22 Apr

VOTE! It’s your day today…who’d have thought primary season would ever have gotten to the point where the Keystone State mattered, huh? Well, you matter now, after weeks and weeks of the whole country staring at you. I’d encourage you registered Democrats to vote for Obama, as I already articulated here. However, more so that […]


be the ball…

21 Apr

It may have rained the rest of the weekend, but the weather dieties conspired to give us a really nice Saturday morning for Andrew’s first baseball game. Bright, sunny, high seventies/low eighties, with just a hint of breeze. The game was scheduled to start at 11am, with practice/warm-ups beginning at 10:15am. We left the house […]


Friday Random Ten: “Payday and Tax Refund day…YAY! edition”

18 Apr

Below, the soundtrack of my morning while I address a full inbox of email and fantasize about getting my driveway repaved… Mmmm…macadam… “Outta my Mind” – the Donnas “Beautiful Girl” – Poe “Break Your Heart (live)” – BNL “Run Like Hell” – Pink Floyd “Upside Down” – Tori Amos “There’s A Fine, Fine Line” – […]


Who’s likely to get my ten bucks* this summer?

17 Apr

At certain times of the day here in central VA, it already feels like it’s summertime (never mind that the rest of the time, there’s frost on the ground – seriously, today, the weather channel’s calling for a swing of almost fifty degrees!). For most of my lifetime, summer has brought with it the “event […]


the next big thing? A matter of time.

12 Apr

I decided to do my semi-monthly login to myspace to clear out the offal, when I noticed a bulletin posted in amongst all the “50 things about me” crap. From the Badlees. Apparently, they’re putting a record out this year, and mounting some sort of tour. All FIVE of them; which means, I guess, that […]


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