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I can has driveway?

31 May

Yes. I Can Has. The guys from Harrison Paving finished up around 4pm yesterday. The fixed my nasty sinkhole, and resurfaced the whole business. The complete resurfacing cost a little extra, but I had the money, and just look at it…it was worth it! –click for the full size version– I honestly would have been […]


Friday Random Ten – “paving day” edition

30 May

After being stood up by paving guy number one, and once last night by paving guy number two, the owner of Harrison Paving (that’s company number two) came by this morning, apologized for last night’s mishap, and offered me a good price well within my budget (and should leave me enough left over in the […]


Feeling a little better today.

28 May

No rodent escapes, decent night’s sleep. Yay. Since I feel I ought to have something else here, I include, for your entertainment, a picture I found a while ago that made me laugh. Perhaps it will also cause you to do so:


I’d rather forget

27 May

Not to diminish the reasons and motivations behind the actual celebration of Memorial Day, a worthy day of remembrance and celebration of the service of our nation’s veterans, that more people perhaps ought to consider (particularly, you know, people in power right now, and those seeking power), but I’d honestly rather just put this particular […]


Friday Random Ten: “dodging virii” edition

23 May

This morning’s random selection from the Sansa. Enjoy. And yeah, that Scarlett Johansson record’s much better than it has any right to be. “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” – The Beatles “Born Too Late” – The Clarks “Who Are You” – Scarlett Johansson “Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos” – Public Enemy “Mr. Fancy Pants” (live, w/ […]


5k in a year and a day

22 May

Last May 21, this site reached 5000 hits (since I put the counter on in, I think, 2004?). This morning, my counter rolled over 10,000. According to the site logs, my lovely wife was the lucky winner (what her prize is, however, remains between she and I <wink>). Five thousand page views in 367 days […]


Tuesday Wednesday Stay In Bed

21 May

I had a great time on Monday night, no question. However, being up that late, given how I’ve been sleeping the last week and a half, probably wasn’t the best thing for me. I went to bed early last night, though it was still a chore to pull myself out of bed this morning. One […]


well, Philly got shut out…

19 May

…but I did get all these neat pictures from Nationals Park! Despite my chosen team’s loss, it was a nice, cheap evening’s entertainment. Tickets, for the record, were five bucks. A hot dog, fries, and a soda were another seven. With metro fare included, the evening still came in under twenty bucks. You’ll get no […]


media appearance update

19 May

Anybody planning on watching the Phillies vs. Nationals game on TV tonight, be sure to look for a dark t-shirt wearing pixel on your screen in the far background of the upper, upper deck over left field. That pixel will be me.


Friday Random Ten: “half-full Sansa” edition

16 May

It’s another Friday back home after a week on the road. It’s raining, I didn’t want to get out of bed. Deja Vu, huh? It’s another Friday back home after a week on the road. It’s raining, I didn’t want to get out of bed. Deja Vu, huh? That was a cheap joke, wasn’t it? […]


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