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Friday random ten: “black” edition

28 Nov

I am glad that I am not out in the trenches malls today. There’s a reason why I do all my shopping online. You folks have fun, though – I’m just not up to having to fight crowds of soccer moms in full make-up and designer sweatsuits skirmishing for a limited supply of cheap 720p […]


“tree bad, tree pretty”: conflicted about nature; both real and virtual

24 Nov

I spent most of my waking time this Saturday doing my annual “clean the leaves from my front yard” ritual. I still have the back and side to go, but the front yard is the biggest chunk of the work, since all the blowing’s uphill, and the trees I have to work around are so […]


Friday Random Ten: “occasionally useful” edition

21 Nov

Just wrapped up another week on the road where I probably didn’t need to be on the road, which is a little frustrating – if it’s all the same, I’d rather sleep in my own bed, thanks. The only uniquely travel-necessary thing I accomplished is victory in the weekly “guess the song” trivia contest that […]



18 Nov

I guess it must be a slow news day, since the Chicago Tribune is running a story about the teenager who bought a used car that once belonged to President-Elect Barack Obama. What sort of elitist automobile was it? A 2000 Dodge Neon. Think about it; three years ago, the guy who will be President […]


time travelling

16 Nov

Given the rain, my allergies, the lack of much money in the entertainment budget (thanks, water heater!), and sheer sloth, I didn’t get out much this weekend. It was just easier to stay camped on the couch, getting up occasionally to cook meals, clean up after children, and do some laundry. My biggest accomplishment was […]


friday random ten: “two fools in a row” edition

14 Nov

It’s been quite a week, mostly lows, but a few peaks here and there. Still, I’m rather glad it’s winding down, and I can have a day or two to rest a bit, and take care of some routine things that have fallen by the wayside. In any case, hit it: “Love is Nothing” – […]



12 Nov

goes the water heater. thankfully, it was more of a slow trickle than a pop, sparing us a seriously flooded bathroom, but broken is still broken. Seriously, the poor sucker who buys my sad little house someday isn’t going to be that poor a sucker, because I will have fixed everything for them.


friday random ten: “back in the swing of things, feeling good” edition

07 Nov

I’m kind of tired thanks to some irregular sleeping patterns while I was off of work, but other than that, overall, this has been an historically damned good week; moderately for me in my little corner of the world (yay, new toys!), and really very good for the country at large (yay, new leadership!). Next […]


swallow you whole

06 Nov

I missed posting this in the whole run-up to the election, but probably should have done so closer to Hallowe’en, which is about when I found it. Regrettable timing aside, if you have the same reaction as I do to the contents of this particular video, then we pretty much need to be best friends, […]



05 Nov

Happy, Happy! Joy, Joy! So, with the 11pm poll closings on the west coast, Obama took it over the magic number, 270, and thus, will become the 44th President of the United States. Yep, a historical milestone, and a genuinely good guy taking the reins for the next four years. I’m glad I was around […]


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