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27 Dec

While doing the last of my Christmas shopping the other week (specifically, while picking up a copy of “How to Be A Domestic Goddess” by Nigella Lawson for Colleen), I ended up with a good Borders coupon. So, today we ventured out to to the one Borders books in the Richmond area (via a roundabout […]


catch-up on a rainy twenty-sixth

26 Dec

So, seeing as it’s the day after Christmas, I suppose some sort of update is in order; just a little bit of flavor of our holiday experience, if you will. I was awakened Christmas morning by the dulcet tones of my wife’s voice, intoning “Hon, can you wipe the poop off of the baby while […]


I really can’t stay

22 Dec

I suspect I have lived in the mid-atlantic region a little too long. I’m out of practice in dealing with actual real winter temperatures when they do show. My dashboard said it was 23°F out there this morning. And it felt REALLY FREAKING COLD! Oh well, at least it feels like winter – a couple […]


friday random ten: winding down” edition

19 Dec

The year’s almost up; and more importantly, I’m done travelling for the year. Of course, I pick up again the first full week of January, but I’m not going to think about that right now, as that way lies madness. Here’s some tunes, as the name suggests, chosen at random by my mp3 player: “Naive” […]


I hope this post doesn’t cause any untimely deaths

15 Dec

On Saturday, against my better judgement, based on two previous experiences both ending in tragedy, I picked up a black molly at the pet store while I was out buying cat litter and Prime. An hour after acclimating her and netting her into the tank, I noticed she’d gotten a fair bit thinner. And that […]


friday random ten – “seasonal affective disorder” edition

12 Dec

Come the end-of-year holidays, I get a bit down; not sure why, but we all have our things. And, I deal with it, usually well enough, especially when there aren’t people constantly telling me “snap out of it” (with our without slaps from 80’s Cher), and that I’m supposed to be excessivly cheery during this […]


weighty matters

09 Dec

While I do tend to worry about carrying a few extra pounds*, I don’t make a habit of regularly tracking my actual weight numerical weight. Checking in every couple of months is plenty for me. I tend to worry more about displacement than I do about gravity’s pull. Like most tall endomorphic types, I’m more […]


“this (plus nine more) will be your final battle!”

08 Dec

I’ve been spending the last few months banging at Rogue Galaxy, a game that many consider the final great Japanese RPG for the Playstation 2 system. I agree, it’s pretty cool overall; applying all the classic tropes without feeling like a complete retread. It’s well put together, engaging (in the sense that level grinding doesn’t […]


little to nothing to report

08 Dec

Other than the fact that another big chunk of my leaves have been relocated to a big pile someplace, our Christmas decorations have been put up (thankfully, they’re quite understated), and my opinion that Heroes season three, now that I’ve caught up with most of it via the roku, isn’t nearly as bad as everyone’s […]


this was my life, 1986-1992

05 Dec

–click to make bigger at the source, and enjoy all the other wonderful comics at xkcd— I’m glad I got better. To the targets of my teenage infatuation, sorry for the inconvenience.


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