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31 Jan

Earlier this morning, we wrapped up the 2009 Cub Scout pinewood derby. This was Andrew’s first year, and he was terribly excited. Last night, we did the track set-up and unofficial weigh-in/shakedown, which really caught his attention. While he was interested in building the car previously, he had little idea of what to expect. After […]


friday random ten: “I shant share my dreams” edition

30 Jan

…because last night, they were just way too explicit and disturbing. I will share the tunes, however: “Perfect Circle” – R.E,M, “Decibel” – AC/DC “There Was A Time” – Guns N Roses “On The Bus Mall” – The Decemberists “Time for Pride” – The Cellarbirds “Call it Off” – Tegan and Sara “Policy of Truth”- […]


several unrelated thoughts

29 Jan

♦ Colleen and I have pretty much the perfect geek date lined up for next month – Jonathan Coulton, with Paul and Storm, at The Birchmere! So, uh, yay for us! ♦ More reasons I like the new President, both real and not so real…. …Though I have to say, Obama’s on the wrong side […]


a series of fluid occurrences

27 Jan

Some time late last week, something strange began happening in my bathroom. While I’m sure your imagination and mine can conjure all sorts of more interesting sentences to follow that one, I’m going to ruin the fun, and reveal that the water in my shower would only maintain a proper shower temperature of 130° for […]


friday random ten: “no political content” edition

23 Jan

Actually, like the last couple of times, this one was put together Thursday evening, then scheduled in WordPress to go live first thing in the morning. Ain’t technology grand? It’s been a pretty good week, overall. Work was surprisingly nice and productive. This was surprising to me, given the impact of teething cranky baby on […]


so, now it begins…

21 Jan

Like probably a literal billion or so other people across the planet, I watched the Inauguration of President Obama yesterday. I felt good watching the peaceful change-over of power, that despite all the divisiveness in this country, we still manage to get right every four or eight years here in America. It’s a practice that […]


friday random ten: “inaugural” edition

16 Jan

I’m getting ready to leave DC just as millions of others are coming in for this weekend’s pre-inaugural festivities. While the big free show on Sunday at Lincoln sounds like it might be a really good time (Springsteen! U2! Mellencamp!), I don’t think I’m quite up to all the complications inherent in crowding more than […]


the more things change…

15 Jan

How is it that I’ve never, ever heard of this before today? Right now, I simply can’t trust that my knowledge of western culture doesn’t have even more huge gaping holes in it. You’d think that a joke piece by Mozart titled “Leck mich im Arsch” (which translates into exactly what you think it does) […]


when there’s nothing to say

14 Jan

to go meta on you all, this is going to be “not much to say, but I’m going to say it anyway” posts. Still, if you’re at all interested in what I’ve been up to, the next couple of paragraphs will pretty much cover the bits I care to share publicly. Life’s been merely life. […]


friday random ten: “extended cut” edition

09 Jan

Yeah, twenty this time…I haven’t done this in a couple of weeks, so I figure I owe it to my devoted random ten following, if such an entity actually exists. And, as I compile this (Thursday night), I’ve got the time to sit and listen to my portable music collection while I pack up my […]


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