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friday random ten: “What x 3” edition

27 Feb

Another week’s passed, thankfully. Looking forward to a weekend of rest, relaxation, and Fallout 3. Also, on Saturday, a bunch of six and seven-year old boys will taking over my house for a couple of hours for Andrew’s late birthday pizza and movie night. We haven’t figured out what films are on the bill yet, […]


comicon haul; Pistoleers review

26 Feb

As alluded to in an earlier post, we made a family trip over to the VA comicon this weekend. It was Colleen’s first trip, and I guess she enjoyed herself. She at least satisfied her curiousity; you’d have to ask her for her impressions. It’s always fun pointing the kids at the fifty-cent boxes with […]


channels open

26 Feb

After a whirlwind couple of days, Colleen and I are finally caught up with first-run Battlestar Galactica. With this development, HUGE swaths of the multiverse of geekdom are once again open to us, for we no longer fear spoilers for episodes we haven’t seen yet. No more scrolling hastily past threads where sensitive plot details […]


future nostalgia

24 Feb

While going through some boxes a few months back, I stumbled upon a couple of twenty-odd year-old back issues of Analog magazine that I’d kept from my Dad’s stuff. When I was a dorky teenager, I loved digging through these paperbound wonders on Dad’s shelves, reading the stories, scouring the old adverts for mostly defunct […]


I almost did

21 Feb

…from laughing, friends, from laughing. Take a few minutes to enjoy this little retro-style game I found, but Don’t Shit Your Pants! _______________________ And by the way, the show last night was, shall we say….awesome? Indeed, we shall. At one point, however, Colleen and I were ready to cover our ears and do the whole […]


friday random ten: “babysitter…LOCKED!” edition

20 Feb

This has been a week of long, slow days. Friday, however, be the longest, since upon completion of the workday, Colleen and I are road-tripping to Alexandria for dinner and a show from the guys at #10. Date night is LONG overdue… “Can’t Get There From Here” – R.E.M. “And We Danced” – The Hooters […]


analog shut-down day (kinda)

18 Feb

Today would have been the day that US analog TV broadcasts shut down in favor of digital, if congress hadn’t passed a last-minute extension to June 12 in hopes of maybe catching a few more stragglers who have been studiously ignoring the constant stream of PSAs for the last two years. Of course, many stations […]


four days (mostly) unplugged

17 Feb

In case you were wondering (and I honestly doubt you were) why the random ten didn’t pop up as usual on Friday, it’s because I stretched an already long President’s Day weekend out a little longer and took off on Friday, and spent the day with the wife and kid(s)*. Then I proceeded to do […]


Happy Darwin Day

12 Feb

Today is the 200th birthday of English naturalist


let’s talk stimulus: the long and short of it

11 Feb

I’m not an economist; both my degrees included a basic economics component, I’m certified to teach econ at the high school level, I do my own taxes, and my checking account comes out balanced most months, but I don’t claim to be an expert on national and international economics issues. That’s not going to stop […]


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