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weekend to do done list

30 Mar

For what was, overall, a lazy, rainy weekend, I’m pretty proud of the things I managed to accomplish. It may not seem like a lot of stuff, but a lot of it is stuff that needed doing that hadn’t yet been done. -♦- I finished doing my taxes. I put them off quite a while […]


friday random ten: “temporal sibling transferrence” edition

27 Mar

A little heavy on the 90s “alternative” this week; well heavier than usual. Swap out a few of these for Nirvana, Dinosaur Jr and RHCP, you’ve got my little brother’s high school CD collection (“CDs? bah! We had our music on cassette tapes, and we liked it!”). “Cannonball” – The Breeders “Black Wave/Bad Vibrations” – […]


vague BSG comments, no spoilage

26 Mar

I liked it; a lot, actually. Rather few nitpicks, everything pretty much ended up the way it ought to, given the plot points the series set up. The only specific thing I will say, in deference to all those people out there who haven’t caught up yet, is that all these characters ought to have […]


special, like stacked cordwood

23 Mar

You know what would be a useful special feature for future DVD/Blu-Ray discs of a certain genre? A subtitle track with a running body count. Because as I watched Punisher: War Zone last night, I lost track around the chair-leg to the face during the mob dinner party opening scene. I’d estimate it was around […]


friday random ten: “not feeling the commentary” edition

20 Mar

Here, let the music speak of itself; it’s up to you to figure out what it’s saying. “Buddy Holly” – Weezer “Road of the Righteous” – Dropkick Murphys “The Mariner’s Revenge Song” – The Decemberists “Hanging on a Heartbeat” – The Hooters “Doctor Robert” – The Beatles “Joking” – Indigo Girls “Cut Here” – The […]


administrativia and a communal nonsense project

18 Mar

For the last couple of months, I’ve been rather lax in checking out the back-end stuff around this little disused alcove of the internet. In the last day or two, I rectified that, and saw some things worth changing; nothing major that anybody’s ever going to notice, but just in case, I shall share. Thing […]


and baby makes…five??!!!

17 Mar

I got a new toy in the mail today. In fact, I’m typing up this post on it now, and mostly managing to be reasonably accurate on it’s tiny little keyboard (except for when I need an apostrophe, since it’s been moved down by the space bar to save space). I give you… The Dell […]


And the rest o’ the day to you!

17 Mar

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! If it’s your wont, get out there, fake a brogue, make inappropriate remarks about your shillelagh, and pantomime chasing the snakes off of old Eire. Of course, if I happen to see you drinking mass-market American beer with some green food coloring in it, I’m going to have to hurt you. […]


Friday random ten: “everything is cyclical” edition

13 Mar

I cheated once on this random ten, because I didn’t feel like putting “Furry Old Lobster” on the list twice. It came up again right after “Chimbley”; which itself has come up in the shuffle at least four times this week in the course of drive-time listening. I’m guessing my randomess circuit needs to be […]


if only…

10 Mar

Push Button. Receive Bacon. Yes, it’s an old joke, but one that never fails to cause a chuckle from me. This occasionally causes uncomfortable moments in public lavatories.


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