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symbolic power: a political interlude

29 Apr

I’ve been seriously trying to spend a little more time unplugged these days, for a variety of reasons, but the whole Senator Specter (D-PA) business feels like something worth offering up a few paragraphs about. The news was a surprise, certainly, but not one that comes completely out of left field (or right field, or […]


I saw a turtle

20 Apr

while supervising a Cub Scout hike this weekend.


happy birthday

15 Apr

My cat is twelve years old today, and I feel like marking the occasion. So there.


taking a haitus

07 Apr

I had a tense personal experience this weekend that’s going to take me a little time to work through. I need to get my own head together and organize my own thoughts before I can deal with things. As such, I’m going on break for a while; I need to think. I’ll let you know […]


friday random ten: “…” edition

03 Apr

No real commentary, just a random sampling of tunes off the laptop; at least a little more random than is usual; since it’s a bigger population. RAWK. “Special” Garbage “Language or the Kiss” – Indigo Girls “Come All You Sailors” – The Wailin’ Jennys “Your Latest Trick” – Dire Straits “Jolene” – Me First and […]


now that’s more like it

02 Apr

The site got a couple of google hits in response to a search for “machine gun guitar cowboy”. The weird has returned. Huzzah.


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