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it’s so choice

28 May

If you have the means (in this case, 2.3 million dollars), I highly suggest picking one up. Of course… The place is like a museum. It’s very beautiful and very cold, and you’re not allowed to touch anything. The Ferarri’s 11 million extra. Sorry.


stuff I like a lot: “You Ruined Everything”

26 May

Most people who know me well can attest that, at least on the surface, I’m not particularly emotional or sentimental about most things. It’s not that I’m not emotional at all, it’s just that I tend to be more subtle about it. I also tend to avoid romanticizing things, prefering to remember things as they […]



23 May

Leopard Frogs can be found in all kinds of sites, from dirty cloudy marshlands to freshwater lakes. They come mostly from Southern Canada and the northern half of the Unites States. Mostly nocturnal creatures, these guys tend to take cover in the water when startled. They feed on various small invertebrates, including crickets, spiders, and […]


separated by a common language

18 May

Oh, how this bugs me: The ‘computer’ is not the ‘hard drive’! Some of you may interpret this as being elitist, pompous bitching (and it very well may be); but think of it this way: if your ‘sink’ is leaking, you don’t tell your plumber that your ‘bathroom’ is broken; or worse, start throwing around […]


registering a complaint

15 May

Several times leading up to the election, I made mention that I was sure that a President Obama would make some moves that I didn’t like, but that I still felt better with him than the other option. This remains true, and unfortunately, right now I feel have to register displeasure about a particular move […]


“I’ll let you know when ‘e rematerializes”

14 May

I caught the new Star Trek at a matinee after work this week. For the record, I enjoyed it greatly; sets up a whole new paradigm, with plenty of nods (most rather clever) to the series’ 40 year history. I say this as a fully-steeped Trekkie, of course; I’m familiar with the language of the […]


in the beginning

04 May

Clearly, this is how the whole H1N1 business got started: full credit to cute overload for getting to the bottom of this


a scone and a large house blend

01 May

Please insert your favorite, appropriately off-color JoCo reference here.


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