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Were they really that big?

30 Jun

I kind of love the concept that led to this article: Give a modern 13 year-old a Sony Walkman (first released 30 years ago) in exchange for his ipod for a week, and have him document his impressions. Not surprisingly, he wasn’t necessarily impressed. And rightfully so – I remember the actual Sony hardware, with […]


drunk and naked is no way to go through life, Mr. Mayor…

29 Jun

quoth the drunk naked guy: “No officer, I’m not the drunk naked guy you’re looking for. There must be some other drunk naked guy wandering around here; I’m merely sitting here minding my own business being drunk and naked. Do you know who I am? Sorry, I don’t have any place handy to keep my […]


and no message could have been any clearer

26 Jun

Since I spend a fair amount of time in this space talking pop culture and music, I guess I ought to comment on the passing of Michael Jackson. I think I can safely avoid the standard tribute blurbage; other than to say that I remember the 1983 Thriller onslaught, the John Landis long-form video, and […]


not sweet, but creepy

24 Jun

Stalkers are not romantic.



24 Jun

off the grid

22 Jun

A nice weekend away; no phone, no internet, no worries, Mate. It would have been nicer had I not been sick the whole time and terribly uncomfortable in my own body, but whatever.



19 Jun

stuff I like a lot: Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers

18 Jun

I freely admit it; I’m a comic book geek. I’ve got boxes of them. Specially procured comic-sized boxes filled with bagged and boarded four-color wonder. I especially love the older, oddball stuff they just don’t write any more. Vintage Stan & Jack; Mantlo; Gerber. Not that there’s anything wrong with today’s more grim-n-gritty, “realistic” take […]


more politics – international edition

16 Jun

Yes, the circumstances surrounding the recent elections in Iran are quite possibly  shady, it’s quite possible that Mousavi did better than indicated, or even won.  In any case, it was wonderful to see a reform-minded candidate gain support over there, and I’m encouraged by the generally peaceful protests and demonstrations of the Iranian public, and am distraught at […]


why yes, I’d love some cheese

15 Jun

the last post covered today’s serious issues. This one’s complete irrational whining. It’s really difficult to pry oneself out of bed when one is the only one in the house who is under any obligation to get up early. Is it wrong to resent my children for having summer vacation?


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