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books, rain, latex, allen wrenches: a weekend travelogue

28 Sep

…by Friday evening, I’d come to the conclusion that the best remedy for lingering sinus malaise was to just get past it and do something else… In an effort to satiate our bibliophilic tendencies, and because we had some errands in that part of the world anyway, the five of us packed into the family […]


the hobbling return of the Friday Random Ten

25 Sep

As much as I’m not a fan of “kid” and “grown-up” being non-overlapping circles in the Venn diagram of life, I’ve noticed over the last year or two that there’s one area where it feels like I’ve crossed the line; boarded the elfship and sailed Into The West, never to return to Middle-Earth. Or to […]


can’t leave this one alone

23 Sep

After watching it again (without the assistance of allergy medication), I can definitely say that Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus is all the fun I expected. I mean, where else can you see Debbie Gibson drop the F-bomb, make out with a Japanese oceanographer in a utility closet, punch out a Naval Officer, and do…. […]


where’d it go?

21 Sep

The weekend just rushed by, honestly; I can list the stuff I accomplished, but it doesn’t feel like the time actually existed; you know, a couple of days passing in a dream, only without the presence of the Ressikan flute (though Catherine did hand me a kazoo at one point). A lot of the time […]



19 Sep

Today is both Caturday and International Talk Like A Pirate Day. I can’t possibly not comment on this. So, to be efficient about it:


You say that so often. I wonder what your basis for comparison is.

18 Sep

Scalzi dropped an interesting statement last night, asking if it makes sense to anyone else: As I get older, I worry less about “life being fair” and worry rather more about justice. For my part, I think it does, though to talk about it, one needs to define, exactly, "fairness" and "justice" mean (which is […]


The fine art of making a fool of yourself in front of your wife and children

17 Sep

The President is clearly a Jedi master of this element of the Dad-ric arts. Witness Mr. Obama at yesterday’s event promoting Chicago’s quest to host the 2016 Olympic Games: This only really works if he was making hmmmm…zzzshhssszzzz…..hmmmm…zacht! noises, which, come on, you know he was doing (and quite possibly, quoting Darth Vader as well). […]


search engine roulette: September 2009

16 Sep

I haven’t played this in a while; I think it’s time. Here are a sampling of the search terms that have brought people to this humble web site over the past couple of weeks, presented without comment, because I don’t feel like coming up with jokes (and most of them are innocuous examples of how […]


♬ misty vinyl die-cut memories ♬

15 Sep

Something that’s left me a little curious and confused for more than a little while now is the growing number of “in memory of [some dead person]” decals affixed to the back windows of people’s cars. I see them more and more in the area in which I live, and while I wouldn’ want to […]


Here we are tonight, back where we came to be

14 Sep

As first promised eighteen months ago, the band that provided the soundtrack to my college years, The Badlees, have come out of semi-retirement and obscurity to release a new record. Next month, we’ll find out why, exactly, Love is Rain. Preceding the release is a new tune, “Radio at Night”, streaming through that tedious myspace […]


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