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the eternal cultural struggle between jocks and geeks

30 Oct

You’ve seen John Hodgman, even if you don’t know who he is. His appearances as “PC” in a certain fruit-flavored tech industry firm’s ads have permanently cemented his place in pop culture. He’s done a bunch of other things as well – minor acting gigs, cameo appearances in obscure pop songs, and authoring several almanacs […]


friday random ten: “Hallowe’iner” edition

30 Oct

At the office this morning, I was visited by a trio of co-workers collectively wearing hot dog, ketchup and mustard costumes and handing out “treats” of ketchup and mustard packets. It’s going to be one of those days, and I’m okay with that. This kind of surreality is one of the reasons why I like […]


hey Peter, man, check out channel nine*…

29 Oct

A local TV station in DC is running a series on breast exams, featuring uncensored breasts this week. The station is going out of it’s way to characterize this bit of programming as daring and “ground-breaking”, as well as prominently featuring naked breasts. I concede that breast cancer awareness and prevention is terribly important, and […]


bits and bobs

27 Oct

Maybe we will get something resembling a public option after all; even if there’s a “states can opt out” provision. That kind of pisses me off (given who’s likely to be running my state come January unless the polls shift dramatically in the next week), but honestly, if the eventual health care reforms actually work, […]


odds and ends

26 Oct

I took a long weekend away from the biggest part of the grind; didn’t go much anywhere (except for a little shopping and into the city for a few hours with the eldest for dance class), and spent the time getting some chores done, reading some books, and playing some games. I almost feel rejuvinated, […]


uh, wha?

21 Oct

Democratic Candidate for VA Governor Creigh Deeds says he’d consider opting Virginia out of any Federal health care solution including a public option. Now, I’m going to vote for the guy, because, hey, the alternative says that working women and feminists (not to mention cohabitators, “fornicators”, homosexuals and contraception) are a blight on society – […]


did very little this weekend…

19 Oct

…and it was glorious. Beyond trying to keep the house at a reasonable level of clean and doing the usual Saturday morning shopping, did relatively little that wasn’t recreation-related. Checked out a neat little kebob place in the city and played a few hands of Munchkin, but little in the way of the large, single-use […]


a thing of beauty created from pure evil

17 Oct

Somebody finally did something interesting and creative with auto-tune: Sagan’s delivery on Cosmos, of course, was already pretty musical anyway…


friday random ten: “independent expenses” edition

16 Oct

Another week comes to an end; a week of a bunch of big, one-time stressors that I’m glad to have gotten past mosty unscathed. As far as I can tell, other than the usual weekend mundanities, I’ve got a whole lot of nothin’ on the plate. I think I’m going to enjoy that. Maybe I’ll […]


eight frantic, pounding, minor chords

15 Oct

Pres-sure!! …and some cleaning supplies.


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