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friday random ten: “damp, musty and stifling” edition

30 Jul

Not been a good week in terms of working conditions. The air conditioning system in my part of the office has been out of commission all week, and it’s been hotter and more humid inside than out all week. There’s definitely something wrong when going outside into the 100+° with the heat index Virginia summer […]


the princess problem

27 Jul

Yes, there are words on this image, violating the whole “worth 1000 words” dictum, but in this case, the picture (with words) really expresses what’s wrong with the the ubiquity of the kind of things soulless corporations are marketing to our children (and worse, that we let them). Just take a look (click it so […]


friday random ten: “not a lot to say” edition

23 Jul

…so, I’m not going to. Have a good weekend, everybody! “Never Said” – Liz Phair “My Michelle” – Guns N’ Roses “Voices in the Jungle” – Rock Sugar “Dose of Thunder” – The Replacements “Lovegame” – Lady GaGa “Reservations” – Wilco “Operation Ground and Pound” – Dragonforce “Deadbeat Club” – the B-52s “One of the […]


storybook endings only exist in storybooks – more survey results

22 Jul

According to yet another reported survey, romantic comedy films mess up people’s relationships (Sorry for the blinky over-advertised link destination) by encouraging unrealistic expectations about what “love” is supposed to be. For some people, this causes much distress when their real-life relationships don’t live up to the storybook perfection presented on the page or the […]


some more thoughts on spam

21 Jul

Spam is a fact of life on the internet…thank $diety for filters and moderation queues; they make maintenance a lot easier. Of course, blog admin tools have the unfortunate side effect of presenting moderated comments out of the context of the post they’re attached to. Some of them are really actually quite flattering, giving me […]


certainly not agreement, but perhaps a start at understanding

20 Jul

Last year (YiB 2009, #5), I went against my better judgment and read Twilight to see what all the fuss was about. Based on what I’d gleaned from the pop culture currents, I was pretty sure it wasn’t something that was going to appeal to me. And, I was basically right. For many reasons, I […]



18 Jul

So, twelve years. I’ll take it. I shall always be eternally grateful my best friend agreed to this arrangement so many years ago, and that she continues to put up with me and all my quirks. Especially those quirks that cropped up this year. Not much else to say, really, except “thanks.” And this little […]


friday random ten: “sleep deficit” edition

16 Jul

Returning to hotel living after a couple of weeks does strange things to a person’s sleep cycle. “Baclava” – Arctic Monkeys “Big Big Ugly” – Innocent Nixon “Broken Family” – Julie Schreiber Band “Move On” – The Rentals “Pollution of the Mind” – Miss Kittin “Begin the Begin” – REM “I Pity the Fool” – […]


a better example – pop journalism is not quite dead

13 Jul

A couple of posts ago, I tore apart a media article which seemed to report results from a scientific study, but really did no such thing, and in the attempt, did it really badly. This week, I found a good example of a short news report about a research study, and though it appropriate to […]


friday random ten: “deja vu-ish” edition

09 Jul

Things are looking an awful lot like that other weekend. “Highly Strung” – Orianthi & Steve Vai “Stuck in a Movie” – The Aquabats “A Certain Romance” – Arctic Monkeys “I’ll Give You My Skin” – Indigo Girls (feat. Michael Stipe) “Kiss Me On The Bus” – The Replacements “You Really Gotta Hold On Me” […]


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