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two words:

30 Sep

Space Beer. Living in the future is cool.


responding to the “suck fairy”

29 Sep

Jo Walton over at tor dot com touches on a phenomenon that I’m sure a lot of us have experienced over the years in her piece about “The Suck Fairy”: that little fey beastie who invades our bookshelves, making certain books we loved when we first read them, well, “suck,” when we pick them up […]


no psychic powers, I’m not vegan

28 Sep

Not sure of the reason, exactly, but last night I was moved to pull out my bass and shake the rust off of my meager skill at filling out the bottom end. It turns out I wasn’t entirely embarassed with the results: I could still pound out the scales and runs, and didn’t fudge the […]


friday random ten: “realization” edition

24 Sep

Some may have noticed that I haven’t been posting as often lately. After some thought, I’ve come to the realization that I’ve been very purposely *not* talking about one particular thing, and saying very little at all is the best way to do that. Now you’re curious, aren’t you? “Brown Eyes” – Lady GaGa “Heavy […]


once again…

23 Sep

…I experience pangs of great regret that I shall never be as erudite as slacktivist. I wish I could distill topics down to their essence as effectively as this: Tea partiers tend to revere the U.S. Constitution in much the same way that many American evangelicals revere the Bible, which is to say they read […]


haven’t done this in a while

20 Sep

but what the hell, here’s a weekend wrap up. The weekend didn’t go as I expected, and things I though would be short and sweet ended up lengthy and expensive, and some stuff didn’t get done at all. However, I mostly can’t complain. Among other things, I ended up lining up a great deal on […]


friday random ten: “…” edition

17 Sep

Because honestly, I’ve got nothing. “Explain It To Me” – Liz Phair “Butterflies and Airplanes” – The Clarks “Knife Going In” – Tegan and Sara “Johnny” – Innocent Nixon “Our American Cousin” – Molly Lewis “Can’t Get There From Here” – REM “These Days” – The Rentals “Hands In The Air” – Girl Talk “Bring […]


because people need to read this

15 Sep

Sage wisdom about my favorite public transit system courtesy of “master thief” in this fark thread: Ladies and Gentlemen: Welcome to Fight Club Metro. The first rule of Metro is: you do not talk to anyone on Metro. The second rule of Metro is: YOU DO NOT TALK TO ANYONE ON METRO. The third rule […]


friday random ten: “relatively hipster” edition

10 Sep

With a few exceptions, I guess. That Katy Perry song sticks out, but damn if I don’t really like vast swaths of the Teenage Dream record; unsubtle penis metaphors, cotton candy-scented packaging, and my own anti-commercial sensibilities aside. She’s got a great rock voice when she lets it loose, like she does on selection #8 […]


(500) Miles of Summer

05 Sep

As of this afternoon’s eight miler around the neighborhood, I’ve passed five hundred(!) bicycling miles this summer (which I’m measuring from roughly Memorial Day), just in time for “summer” to come to an end for Labor Day. To celebrate, please have Zooey bathed and brought to my tent. <smirk> Really, though, to celebrate, I’m going […]


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