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trick or treat

31 Oct

Yeah, no random ten on Friday; I was busy doing Friday things…things I couldn’t necessarily do before I was doing an alternate work schedule (4 x 10 hrs, Fridays off). This works for me. Anyway, for now I’m sitting here on the front porch waiting for some trick or treaters to arrive…so far, it seems […]


totally random musings

25 Oct

Just some stuff rattling around in my head; with only a few re-runs from the twitter feed: ♦ – As strange as it sounds, I am coming to believe that LEGO Rock Band is a better game than Rock Band 2. ♦ – My new favorite Southern Colloquial expression is definitely “getting down to the […]


friday random ten: “blowing the kid’s mind” edition

22 Oct

Sort of settling into a routine now; hope it’ll get a little more regular next week. No big plans for the weekend; probably just going to continue cleaning and take a couple of bike rides (did fifteen miles this morning; felt very good after spotty gym access this week). And now for the pre-school’s favorite […]


‘I reject your reality, and substitute my own’…though this reality is actually pretty cool

18 Oct

More than once, I’ve lauded the President for his initiatives to promote math and science education in America. Promoting academic achievement as something worthwhile and beneficial is something this country always ought to be doing. So of course, I’m going to point out the news today that President Obama is going to be making an […]


I can haz historical context?

15 Oct

thanks to twitter, I have learned that the whole Lolcat phenomenon is actually more than 100 years old. Turns out that the first person to take a picture of a cat and affixing a silly caption to it was Harry Pointer, a photographer from Brighton, UK. Starting around 1870, he began publishing his The Brighton […]


friday random ten: “routine blown” edition

15 Oct

Overall, I’m sure moving to this new job is the good kind of stress. However, good or bad, it’s still stress, and it plays havoc with my system in all sorts of unpleasant ways. I am, as many know, a creature of habit, almost compulsively so; these changes (new position, new place of business, new […]


does this upset me? Yes.

13 Oct

Does this surprise me? Not in the least. Gran Turismo 5 is delayed…again. This game has been in a constant state of “delayed” for most of the PS3 life cycle now – the “totally official this time we mean it guys, really” release date was supposed to be November 2, 2010, though now, apparently, it’s […]


that thing

11 Oct

Those paying attention have probably noticed that for the last month and change, I haven’t been posting much, and when I have posted, I’ve dropped little hints about things happening that I didn’t necessarily want to talk about it. At this point, I feel it’s safe to talk about those things, at least in general […]


friday random ten: “twice the romance” edition

08 Oct

Stuff is happening. Good stuff. I’ll cover it in a separate post a little later. Here are some tunes. “A Certain Romance” – Arctic Monkeys “Our American Cousin” – Molly Lewis “Goodbye” – Patty Griffin “Radio Romance” – Tiffany “When You’re Gone” – The Cranberries “Slave” – Syn D’ Cats “Come All You Sailors” – […]


totally out of character for me, I know

06 Oct

…but I have to admit that today, I’m having a good hair day, a good clothes day, a decent body day…I actually kind of look good.* All that biking might actually be working for me a little bit. _______________ * – for certain values of “good” which allow for thirtysomething nerdy balding guys built on […]


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