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the year that was, part two

31 Dec

So, summing up the year; not bad overall. In terms of life, things got better, in terms of general health and welfare. I’ll take it. Of course, typing this up as I’m feeling sick as a dog, it doesn’t shine as brightly as it probably could, but if I could push aside the haze of […]


room for #12?

28 Dec

One more reason for my continuing (and not-at-all-creepy old guy) crush on internet music phenom Molly Lewis: Amazing hand-painted Doctor Who themed Matryoshka dolls, given freely as a Christmas gift, humbly posted on twitter, and garnering thousands of admiring hits. Assuming licensing issues could be worked out, she really ought to market these. Though mostly, […]


the year that was, part one

26 Dec

Happy Boxing Day, everybody. Being that Christmas is behind us, and the last week of the year is beginning, it’s getting to be the time for reflection. So, I humbly present what you might call “a year in review”, of a sort, at least. To start things off, I’ll deal with this little space you’re […]


happy christmas

25 Dec

Not a bad day here, overall. Snow’s just started falling, though the meteorologist guys say that it’s not going to be the huge storm they were threatening last week. I sit typing at my keyboard with the dulcet tones (or not) of the eldest’s rock tumbler rolling away polishing some semi-precious stones. At the other […]


let the light return

21 Dec

Happy Solstice, everyone. Extra neat this year, given the total lunar eclipse last night. The view was quite good from my driveway between 2 and 3am last night, though you’d never know it from the photo above. The kids made it about fifteen minutes before deciding they were too cold.


♫jump jump jump♫

20 Dec

The youngster decided that this was worth sharing with the world at large. Note that this video does not include her commentary: Really, everyone loves a good silly baby animal video, especially when they’re done working for the calendar year.


from the Blue Area of the Moon

20 Dec

While I don’t have much to say on the explicit topic at hand in this post from slacktivist, I can say that every time I’ve ever found myself in a similar position than Fred describes, I felt at least, if not more (given the fact that I didn’t grow up in the Evangelical subculture) uncomfortable. […]


Ask. Tell.

18 Dec

Senate Passes “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Repeal. It’s long past time we got rid of the whole “gay people can’t serve” business, even if it is the “well, you can serve, as long as you never ever talk about it” variety. I, for one, am glad to see the United States take one step closer […]


pause for reflection

15 Dec

As I was clearing up the remnants of hotel taco night, I came to the realisation that tonight will be my last night in a hotel for the year, and will get to spend the rest of 2010 sleeping in my own bed. I like that. Sure, I’ll be living out of a suitcase again […]


just like everybody else

14 Dec

I wish to take this moment in this space to add my voice to the teeming multitudes along the eastern seaboard, and say, with dramatic effect… Damn, it’s cold outside. Seriously, bitterly windy and cold. Makes the bones ache and the skin sting. Yeah, it’s pretty much unpleasant all around. But really, it’s December 14, […]


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