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laser cat bowling!

25 Feb

Catherine said I should post this:


jet packs, too

23 Feb

Randall has apparently hacked my brain: Perhaps my information anxiety is not entirely unfounded.


makes perfect sense, twenty-odd years later

19 Feb

Quoth on facebook (hock, ptooie!) a person I dated once upon a time many, many moons ago: “Maybe If I was drunk I’d understand ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. The World’” Which spurred the following thought in my head: Well, that’s why things between us went the way they did… A mystery I never thought much about, […]



17 Feb

Happy birthday, Andrew! I really should post a picture here, as is my habit, but I can’t figure out how to do it from the phone. Just imagine a picture of nine penguins, or a photo of christopher eccleston here for now, okay? update: look! I sort of figured out how. Behold, nine penguins!


smart phone, one week in: novelty and paranoia

16 Feb

as I mentioned two posts ago, last weekend Colleen and upgraded our aged mobile phones, coming home with shiny new Samsung Vibrants running the android operating system. I’ve been using mine most of a week now, and have some thoughts: Overall, I like it. As with all fun new toys, it’s very shiny and very […]


because it can’t be said enough

15 Feb

You really do get to decide: Think about that the next time somebody tries to put you in a box you’re not comfortable being in.


weekend felt long

14 Feb

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. While I’ve already delivered my personal greetings personally, since it’s the day anyway, and since I’m here and all, I’ll offer more public greetings to my lovely wife, who, if I’m doing the math right, I shared what might constitute a first unofficial “date” with 18 years ago tomorrow. That fact […]


this is a test

11 Feb

I just wanted to see if I could blog from the new android phone using the wordpress app. Looks like it works, though I can’t imagine typing more than a few dozen words this way. Happy Friday!


revolutionary thought for the day

10 Feb

Courtesy of Thomas Paine, journalist, propagandist, and one of the “Fathers” of the American Revolution: Reason obeys itself; and ignorance submits to whatever is dictated to it. A valid and worthy thought, and one that goes completely against the context in which Paine tends to be invoked these days. Just because some guy wrote it […]


sound and fury LEDs, signifying nothing

08 Feb

I thought a bit about writing something about my reaction to the “spectacle” surrounding this year’s Super Bowl, though it seems, as usual, while I was dithering about in the gym and looking into a regular Monday night d20 game last evening, Amanda beat me to it. And, she pretty much mirrors what I was […]


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