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worth revisiting: cdpdn in 2011

30 Dec

For all the posting I did this year, I don’t think I hit as many personal “wow” writing notes this year. Most of what I ended up posting was “link and short response” and “oh look at this thing” blogging, which, while valid art forms, don’t really exercise the writing muscles much. However, that doesn’t […]


2011 – running the numbers

28 Dec

A few statistics to put the past year into perspective: posts to this blog: 237 (so far) web site hits this year so far: 6482 miles ridden on a bicycle: approx. 1134 records reviewed: 100 and counting miles driven in car: 10k, give or take nights spent in a hotel: 125 nights spent sleeping in […]


Christmas round-up

26 Dec

Yesterday was a low-key affair, we all actually kind of slept in – presents weren’t getting well and truly cracked until after 8am. We went more for quality than quantity this year, which is perfectly fine with me. I got, among other things, a very fine, home made Jayne Cobb hat, some new pants, a […]


♫ it don’t snow here, it stays pretty green ♫

24 Dec

My favorite Christmas song, for what I hope will be a quiet Christmas eve. Joni Mitchell wrote it, I discovered it via the Indigo Girls, though I think I’m currently in love with this version from Tori Amos: Hope you enjoy your Merry Christmas with a little bit of melancholy; I know I do.


The day before the day before the day

23 Dec

Happy December <cough>23rd</cough> everyone*! This is indeed a day that needs a song of it’s own, especially one that’s a dead-on pastiche of They Might Be Giants. Who better to bring us that song that the inimitable Paul and Storm? In any case, enjoy your Fesituvs or whatever. _____________________ *- please ignore the backdating, after […]


a tale of two dates

22 Dec

So, I’ve been on “vacation” more or less for a couple of days. There’s been, to be sure, some chores, some parenting, and some last minute holiday shopping (mostly extraneous bits – the actual “shopping” has been done for more than a week). But, in there too, were a couple of nice “dates” out with […]


have a pleasant solstice

21 Dec

Enjoy the shortest day (and longest night, if that’s your thing!) of the year. -image courtesy of my friend Will–


theories on the nature of belief

15 Dec

The ideas put forth in the lastest article at Pandagon, “Believers Believe, Yes, But Because They Want To“, and especially the comments this piece is going to draw, are going to be interesting. Many people will be put off by the overt atheism of the source, but beyond that, there’s some really interesting questions about […]


happy christmas, war is over

14 Dec

Let’s hope so, anyway. In any case, a whole lot of people who could really use them are getting some happy holidays, as last US troops prepare to leave Iraq. Welcome home, folks.


okay, this one just might work

13 Dec

People who know me understand that historically, I’ve been a fan of the modern GI:JOE franchise; I own almost the entire run of the 80s Marvel comics series, including a copy of issue #1 signed by both writer Larry Hama and penciler Herb Trimpe. I spent my tween years watching the cartoons and collecting the […]


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