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monday random ten – breaking from tradition

30 Apr

Why? Because I felt like it. I figure I owe the wonky shuffle feature one last hurrah before I wipe and reload my Sansa with some of those CDs I just got around to ripping. Yeah, you can keep your ipod. My mp3 player has an FM tuner, plays well with linux, and is named […]


patron of the arts – why kickstarter is such a good thing

30 Apr

I’ve praised the whole crowdfunding model that’s become rather popular today thanks to the efforts of web sites like Kickstarter before; it’s really kind of wonderful to be able to kick in a few bucks to help someone with an idea for a piece of art or music or whatever that sounds like it woudl […]


“Horse Lord” is a bit more masculine than Brony….

26 Apr

Just gonna leave this here: On a more serious note regarding someone’s idea of manliness, it must be terrifying to live life in such mortal fear of anything considered ‘different’. Seriously.


cutout xxix: exploration of unexpected places

25 Apr

A few more discs from the big green box, with the requisite inclusion of long-forgotten discs from the early 90s. I never quite know what I’m going to get when I start writing things down about the listening experience – sometimes, It feels like I’m just phoning it in, sometimes I hit on some interesting […]


social grooming

23 Apr

Not a hell of a lot going on ’round these parts. Was a mostly rainy, quiet weekend, with the wife and one third of the kids out of town. I spent a good portion of the last 72 hours hauling the other two-thirds to various activities, usually involving their proper education in the arts. This […]


never tell me I’m not the sharing type

19 Apr

You know what, It’s been months since I’ve gotten lazy enough to throw up a collection of random musings and links to things I thought were interesting and/or amusing! Let’s do it! ♦ – The bike commute this week was pretty damned scary. My nerves are a bit frazzled after nearly getting hit four or […]


nobody expects

16 Apr

This really wasn’t the ideal weekend for me to spend at a fan convention. The previous weekend involved a long road trip, that while pleasant and enjoyable, involved a lot of driving…and picking up some sort of viral crud that kept me running at below optimal conditions all week. Also, the previous week was spring […]


extermination just got twenty percent cooler

12 Apr

This is all the more amusing because the pre-schooler just discovered Friendship is Magic via the Netflix:



11 Apr

Well, I’m back from a spring break road trip. It was novel. I went to a rodeo, and saw guys ride bulls and stuff. It wasn’t my normal Saturday night out, but it was new and different, and something I’d never done before. It also seems as if I brought some flu-like symptoms back from […]


cut out xxviii – this is what my twenties sounded like

05 Apr

Four more discs from the most transitional of periods in my life – my late 20s. One foot in childhood, another in adulthood. Sounds I associate with different times, different places, sometimes in surprising combinations. In any case, it’s a draw from the box that’s a little varied, but wouldn’t necessarily be out of place […]


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