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catch me fall

25 Jun

Rather than ride my usual NoVA trails this afternoon after work, I tried someplace new. Turns out there’s a small National Park just a short drive up the road from my office neighborhood, Great Falls Park in lovely McLean, VA. It’s situated along the Potomac River as it “builds up speed and force as it […]


walking the twisted trail of the mind

21 Jun

When I was in Tennessee last weekend (Oh, didn’t I mention I was in Tennessee? I’ll have to write about that one of these days…), I bought a book*. That book was AWOL on the Appalacian Trail by David Miller, a memoir of one man’s thru-hike of the AT. I bought it because I’ve hiked […]


infinite diversity in infinite combinations – or at least trying for it

20 Jun

There’s an image cropping up on the social net that, at first glance, seems to suggest that geek culture provides much better role models for girls than does mainstream media. However, as Amanda Marcotte points out, it’s a bit more complicted than that. While the idea Kaylee and Zoe are better role models than Kardashians […]



19 Jun

Enjoy your day, kid. I’ll try to be patient with the teenager stuff.


a rare occasion of demographic trends proving me to be mainstream for once

13 Jun

I’ve always (and by “always” I mean “since I bothered to actually think about it”) been rather annoyed by the “everybody knows that” assumption that people grow more conservative as they get older. You know the words by now – sing along if you feel like it (this is allegedly Churchill’s version): Anyone who isn’t […]


a vague little story about a particular confluence of events…and some gratitude

11 Jun

There were a couple of years there where I just kind of floated, unmoored. It’s not really that I was moored before…the tethers holding me in the place I was weren’t exactly comforting; they were confining. They felt wrong. But, inertia is a hard thing to overcome. I got really good at justifying that where […]


exactly three links and a picture

06 Jun

♦ Slacktivist hits another one out of the park, this time on the subject of hate and it’s means of propogation. ♦ Most of the discussion surrounding the recent rumors about Marvel making a Black Panther movie revolves around casting, which makes sense (and I’m okay with pretty much any of the names floating about). […]


old school rollin’ and a few other things

04 Jun

The last few days have been very trying for me, physically and emotionally. Don’t worry, I’ll pull through, but don’t get concerned if it looks like I’m maintaining radio silence – I am, but only because I need some time to hide away in an undisclosed location and recharge. before I go, though, I wanted […]


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