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friday random ten: “haven’t done this in ages” edition

31 Aug

So, yeah. I used to do this every week, then I kind of stopped. Not saying I’ll actually get back to doing it regularly, but I’m doing it today. Ten tunes, at random from the music folder on my laptop hard drive (which says I have over 13k songs in it right now; though that […]


intrigue in the underdark – Council of Spiders, chapter 1

30 Aug

As some of you may know, I’ve been spending my Wednesday nights for the last couple of months taking part in a fun bit of participatory storytelling with thousands of others across the country via Wizards of the Coast’s “D&D Encounters”. Encounters is a promotional organized play program that Wizards, the publishers of Dungeons and […]


always the moon

28 Aug

As a geek and general fan of science-ey and space-ey things, I understand the significance of Neil Armstrong’s passing this weekend. The first man who walked on the Moon; the man who did that big momentous thing so seemingly effortlessly (other than managing to miss an “A” in his big moment in the spotlight, anyway); […]


books I’ve been meaning to get to…

27 Aug

A week or two ago, dark cargo suggested the idea of a Books That I’ve Been Meaning to Get To “Pah-Tay”, in which we all take a few hours and you know, get to a couple of those books we’ve been meaning to read for who knows how long, and post a few of our […]


eight and thirty

23 Aug

A bit of a stretch to come up with a clever factoid to comemmorate thirty-eight orbits around the sun, but the internet is nothing if not bountiful: The number 38 was especially prominent in Norse mythology. The number was said to represent unnatural bravery, characteristic of the legendary heroes of Norse sagas. Most legendary sagas […]


with great power…

22 Aug

50 years ago today (more or less), a poorly-selling anthology comic published it’s final issue, Amazing Fantasy #15. That book featured a story about a teen super hero by writer Stan Lee and artist Steve Ditko. You might have heard of it. I’ve been a comics fan for most of my 37.997 years, and one […]


full circle

20 Aug

Last week, my 13 year old daughter and I were talking a bit about what “the kids these days” are listening to. I’m genuinely curious about these things, having several of my own kids these days, and interacting with others on a regular basis. I also desperately don’t want to become old and totally detached […]


occasionally, things give me hope

20 Aug

The best image I’ve seen from the 2012 Olympic Games:



14 Aug

happy birthday, kid.


“stick them with the pointy end”

13 Aug

Introducing Arya: It’s been about a year since we lost Calypso, and things have gotten such that we thought it was time to add someone new to the family. We picked her up from the local animal shelter on Wednesday, and she’s settled in pretty well since. She’s wonderfully personable, and has at least begun […]


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