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it turned colder, that’s where it ends

30 Oct

Still hectic and all around here, and Frankenstorm’s Monsoon hasn’t been helping matters. However, I can report with some relief that although there’s been some inconvenience, my little corner of the Mid-Atlantic coast seems to have dodged the worst of Sandy’s hopeless devotion. The power even stayed on all last night, which, given past experience, […]


every little action is important

24 Oct

Yeah, this is glurge, barely removed from some email from your great aunt Edna’s aol account with a subject line beginning with “>>>>>>>FW:FW:FW:FW”, but there’s some wisdom to it. And yes, you’re supposed to read this in a political context; your vote and your participation does matter. I think you all know who I’d prefer […]


unintended hiatus

22 Oct

I feel like I’ve been kind of quiet on this front, and I kind of have. I don’t really have an excuse beyond the fact that real life has gotten in the way – I’ve been encountering a bunch of meatspace commitments that need addressed, and my immune system is trying to slay a heinous […]


The final confrontation – council of spiders, session eight

17 Oct

As the battle with the traitorous drow priestesses and the assassins came to an end, a party of new drow descend from street level into the cavern. “Return to your pens, slaves! The glory of this victory is worthy only of drow!”, shouts the lead priestess, pointing to the goblins and dwarf, who are binding […]


friday random ten: “heat’s on” edition

12 Oct

Yeah, I woke up and found the heat had kicked on during the night. Hello, October! “When I Fall” – Barenaked Ladies “Winterlong” – Pixies “Barefoot Tonight” – Miss Kittin “Now I Am an Arsonist” – Jonathan Coulton feat. Suzanne Vega “Kids Don’t Follow” – The Replacements “Man or Muppet” – Jason Segal & Walter […]


beyond Potter: Rowling’s The Casual Vacancy

11 Oct

Like a lot of people, I was a voracious devourer of JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series. It was great fun, and I’d come to enjoy much of the affiliated cultural stuff around it, even though I found the movies largely tedious and grew a bit weary towards the end. This weariness wasn’t because I didn’t […]


penultimacy – council of spiders, session seven

11 Oct

After the reception with the leaders of the allied houses, Imogen felt restless with her thoughts, and needed some time to process them. So she walked, taking a long, indirect route back to the slave quarters. She felt secure walking the streets of Menzoberranzan alone: although she was a valuable piece of property, traffickers would […]


hot space

09 Oct

This picture just plain wins the internet for today:


friday random ten – “didn’t even realize it was a long weekend” edition

05 Oct

Was so busy this week with all sorts of work things that I totally didn’t realize that Monday was a federal holiday until about 2pm yesterday. It was a nice surprise. For no particular reason, a playlist: “We Belong” – Pat Benetar “The Dance” – Garth Brooks “Farmhouse” – Phish “Call It Off” – Tegan […]



04 Oct

No matter what else was said in last night’s first Presidential debate, this is the only thing anyone in America is going to remember about it:


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