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“…friendly, courteous, kind…”

30 Jan

I’ve been following with some interest the recent news regarding the Boy Scouts of America’s overtures over the last week or so regarding it’s consideration of lifting it’s ban on gay Scouts and Leaders. I’m encouraged, yet a little surprised, given that as recently as last year, they publically doubled down on the national organization’s […]


my own worst enemy?

30 Jan

Today has turned out to be a pretty big stress day for me. The actual events of the day, not so much, but rather the day when my body and mind have decided to just surrender to the ongoing siege that life has decided to conduct on my psyche over the last few weeks and […]


I’d totally visit this alternate ‘Verse

29 Jan

If Firefly’s ever going to come back (for Christmas or otherwise), perhaps this might be the best way to do it, given the fact the show’s been off the air for ten years now, and the tight pants might be too tight these days. An animated series would pretty much be appointment television for many […]


friday random (Pandora) ten twenty-one: “I don’t particularly ♥ my defeatist attitude” edition

25 Jan

Once again, the threat of weather has me working from home, which I don’t mind at all. I have plenty of official sorts of things to review and wordsmith, which should keep me busy for my requisite eight hours of workday. That said, otherwise, the week’s been kind of a dud. I was ready to […]


I’m a high-functioning sociopath. Do your research.

24 Jan

This is funny to me, because several women in my life are utterly fascinated by this particular fellow (the less furry one), if not full-on card-carrying members of the Cumberbatch Brigade (which is a much more polite way to describe them than is the common term): “We solve crimes, I blog about it and he […]


with just the slightest shift…

23 Jan

…the old and familiar can become something new and interesting. Somebody with a little time on their hands used some digital trickery to shift all those minor chords in REM’s “Losing My Religion” into a major key. The results are interesting – it’s the song you know, but shifting that third makes it into something […]


Marscon 2013: Rebirth

22 Jan

This past weekend, we kicked off our Con season with attendance at Marscon in Williamsburg. This is our third year at this particular Con, and it competes pretty handily with Ravencon as our “home” convention. For me, anyway, the experiences are somewhat similar, because I see a lot of the same friends at both, given […]


winter is coming

17 Jan

I sit here in my home office, perched high (well, at least 25 feet or so) above my driveway, watching “rain” drops bounce icily off of the roof of my car that’s totally not still stuck on I-95 weather panic. Yep, working from home today was totally the right call.


lying down in front of the bulldozer

14 Jan

Sunday morning, I heard this piece on NPR and got terribly excited about revisiting my undergrad history degree and writing up a clever treatise about my affection for the


taking on another epic fantasy series

08 Jan

Despite the fact that I’m pretty well loaded down with, well, life, lately, I need to take my escapism where I can. One of the most convenient escapes is reading, as I’m sure it is for many of you dear readers as well. For the last few months, I’m plunging through my backlog of pulp […]


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