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doubting the quality of my education

27 Feb

Excellent grades in several AP History courses, a degree in History and Social Studies education (with significant credits sunk into American history), and the actual experience of teaching a high school honors history course as a substitute for a couple of weeks, and it wasn’t until today that I knew why the XYZ Affair of […]


the Moon Knight meets the First Man on the Moon

20 Feb

My friend Dan Nokes, chief artist and idea man at 21st Century Sandshark Studios, makes some pretty neat comic books. I’ve talked about them a bit here and there in this space (In fact, you can go and read Impossible Space Tales of the Last Pit Stop and The Reptile and Mr. Amazing: The Return […]


friday random ten – “off” edition

15 Feb

Reporting here from the beginning of a four day weekend – took Friday off, which is mostly just taunting myself about the fact that I no longer have every Friday off. Doesn’t matter, I got to sleep in this morning. No huge plans for the weekend – gotta help load in some set pieces for […]


proof that music was best when you were thirteen

13 Feb

A while back, I posted this cartoon from Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal largely without comment: I posted it because it encapsulated a certain truth regarding the nature of pop music and nostalgia. A truth that I found was more or less borne out in the contents of this list at Buzzfeed making the case that […]


drink up…article two, section three says so!

12 Feb

Because I always do, The State of the Union Drinking Game. Sadly, I can’t really stay up late enough to watch, as I have to work my usual early (if from home) tomorrow. I’ll have to make due with excerpts (worth 7 or 8 drinks by my count) now, and the full transcript later.


friday random ten: “a study in contrasts” edition

08 Feb

All over the map this week. Swinging from dark into light with some frequency, often within hours. Luckily, by the end of the week, I spent a lot more time at the positive end of the spectrum, thanks to a couple of little victories. Still, I’m ready for my work week to be over, so […]


delay – why this is probably good news

07 Feb

Looks like the Boy Scouts have put off making a decision regarding gay admittance to the organization, at least until May. (incidentally, nice placement of the God and Country medal, the default Protestant religious emblem, in the photo on the linked HuffPo article. Points off for the age of the photo, though – “Quality Unit […]


reptilian threats of love

06 Feb

Oh, it’s that time of year…and Chris at Comics Alliance has the rundown of the “best” store-bought valentine cards out there this year, including this one, where Michaelangelo threatens to beat the object of his affection with nunchaku. …plus, you know, it has my name on it, so that’s cool.


harrowing images, inspiring images

03 Feb

Spent a little time this weekend touring the Virginia Holocaust Museum in Shockoe Bottom in Richmond, along the canal. It’s an entirely different experience than the better known museum in DC, though it still has the same sort of solemn atmosphere. Not going to write much. But will share a couple of images, reflecting both […]


friday random ten: “100 ton weight” edition

01 Feb

You been watching my internet presence this week? You know what the title means. “I Will” – The Beatles “Diseases of Yore” – MC Frontalot “Wanted Dead or Alive” – Bon Jovi “Rockin’ In The USA” – Kiss “Black Diamond” – The Replacements “This Is The Day” – The Cranberries “The Only Difference Between Martyrdom […]


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