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friday random (pandora) ten: “liberty and justice for all” edition

29 Mar

Settling in before starting what I hope will be a quiet workday from home. My calendar, at this moment, is completely clear of meetings, which is, perhaps a first. it’s been a rough week, especially the front half, though I’m convinced myself that I’m not going to let The Man™ (in the sense of that […]


neon hypercolored memories

28 Mar

I started “reading” (well, listening to Wil Wheaton performing the text of) Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One this week. I’m only a handful of discs in, but I’m really enjoying it. It’s pretty much pure, condensed nostalgia – aimed pretty much dead center at the culture of my childhood (the pop culture of the 1980s […]


friday random ten eleven – “sore, ass and elsewhere” edition

22 Mar

Hrm. It took me nearly five hours to get home from the office this particular Friday afternoon. All told, an appropriate capper for a pretty crappy week. The usual unhappy stuff, plus the whole last minute delay of the furlough notices, a move that was sold as a welcome respite, but really just served to […]


we used to be friends

14 Mar

Other than the pope business, the big news in my corner of the internet yesterday was Rob “not the Matchbox 20 guy” Thomas’s Kickstarter to fund a Veronica Mars movie project. That this is even kind of a possibility is great news, because I loved me some Veronica Mars. In spite of it’s occasional flaws*, […]


reductivist analysis

13 Mar

Pretty damned spot-on pop analysis from the Axis of Awesome: Oh, this is slightly not safe for work.


diversionary tactics

06 Mar

Wish I had more to say…life’s been interesting, in a mentally and physically taxing sort of way, but not a lot going on worth blogging about. I’ll spare you my misery surrounding economic uncertainty, national politics, timing not lining up the way I want it to, and occasional buyer’s remorse. Rather than doing that, I’m […]


friday random ten – “too many feels” edition

01 Mar

Yeah, quiet on all fronts the last week or so, save one or two harried tweets and a handful of desperate conversations. Sorry ’bout that. The biggest hassle is a work thing. Part of my job is managing some exceptionally technical tasks that normally go beyond someone in my job series, given to me without […]


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