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friday random ten – “more good than bad” edition

26 Apr

It’ll be Friday when you read this, at any rate. Oh well – it’s been something of a week; not awful, perhaps, but plagued with a few of the usual frustrations that are going to stick with me a while, plus I think the eject mechanism on my car CD player is starting to flake […]


♫…your day, your week, your month, or even your year♫

25 Apr

Just gonna leave this here, because it’s awesome (there may be something spoilery, if you squint enough): It’s the feelgood show of the season.


various and sundry, late april 2013

23 Apr

I really don’t have loads to talk about, but life continues to happen around me, and occasionally, I even get to take part in some of it. For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been rehearsing with the second incarnation of the guitar ensemble I occasionally play with – slightly different, more diverse group this […]


friday random ten – “switching channels” edition

19 Apr

started this playlist on the mp3 player, which didn’t last all that long because the battery crapped out (must’ve gotten turned on while being jostled around in my bag*), so I shifted to Pandora part way through. See if you can guess where: “Your Brain Turns Me On” – Mikey Mason “Heat of the Night” […]


“it’s not an S”

17 Apr

So, as most of you know, I’m really a Marvel comics guy. DC never quite clicked with me the way that the house that Jack, Steve, and Stan built did. That said, there’s a lot to like in the following: In the latest trailer for Man of Steel, the filmmakers seem to have really hit […]


friday amazon ten – “internet famous” edition

12 Apr

Not an awful week overall. The man hasn’t beaten me this week (though one woman a couple of states away has managed to make herself a pain in my ass). Stuff’s not bothering me so much – perhaps it’s good feelings left over from Ravencon (which you can hear more about at this week’s Pros […]


Ravencon 2013

09 Apr

These convention post-ops to tend to be rather repetitive; I get to hang out with my convention friends, listen to great music, discover new things to play and read, and generally have good time in the world of geeky hobbies and media. This weekend’s RavenCon was not an exception to this pattern. I came into […]


interesting comic book times

03 Apr

It’s an interesting time to be a comics fan, friends. Check out these recently posted over at images (and some video) over at io9 relating to Marvel’s “Phase Two” slate of films, starting with Iron Man 3 next month. There’s stuff from Thor: Dark World, Captain America: Winter Soldier, a couple of shots of the […]


never tire of this

01 Apr

I was in a place where it was possible for me to watch the season premiere of Game of Thrones last night, which was nice…I’m usually a year behind. Of course, given how damned tired I was last night, I still ended up snoozing through a bunch of it. I’ll catch up eventually. I enjoyed […]


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