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Friday Random 10.1 – “stacked” edition

31 May

Stacked refers primarily to the fact that my weekend is terribly overloaded, to the point that I had to give up me free moe. tickets for this evening, because there was just too much going on (though stacked could also refer to the fact that the new jeans my spouse bought this week at the […]


capturing a mood

29 May

Just wanted to say thanks to Dan at 21st Century Sandshark Studios for doing an admirable job capturing the mood in many an office this morning: It’s the “Have A Nice Day!” at the bottom that really does it.



28 May

As I mentioned last week, I spent part of this weekend adventuring. Specifically, along with my friends Jason and Rebecca, I hiked a new (for me) section of the Appalachian Trail in Shenandoah National Park, as well as taking in the climb to to the top of Stony Man Mountain, the second highest peak in […]


friday random dozen – “rain and nostalgia” edition

24 May

working from home today, listening to the rain tap on the skylights while I take care of a bunch of system admin tasks before the holiday weekend. Should be a nice and quiet today, if all goes well. A few things on for the weekend – tonight I’m supposed to help the kid finish up […]


a day off

20 May

I’m off of work today. Just because. Might clean some things up, run some errands. Otherwise, nothing. Once I finish a couple of necessary tasks, I’m off the computer the rest of the day. Don’t bother me.


friday random (pandora) ten: “beaten and broken” edition

17 May

Yeah, I’m broken and beaten. Not by anything sinister, but rather the simple act of getting from one piece of life to another, and finding things in my way, be they a 100 mile drive, or a pack of cackling teenagers filming a movie (which wasn’t as bad as I’d expected), or a pile of […]


musical serendipity

15 May

It’s not every night that ends up organically devolving into an impromptu lazily shuffling rendition of Lady GaGa’s “Poker Face”, performed on guitar, concert ukulele and hammered dulcimer, but when such a thing does happen, it’s kind of magical. Of course, as it happened organically, nobody was in a position to capture a recording. Damn.


“don’t touch lola”

14 May

Coulson Lives. Lola better be one of those classic SHIELD flying cars. Update: three whole minutes worth of trailer for this program!: The real question now is who’s J. August Richards playing? Luke Cage? Rage? Cloak? A CW/”Arrow” style Black Panther? Sweet Christmas, people! We need to know theses things!


seventy-two hours in may

13 May

So, it was a weekend. Thankfully, not much going on. After another five hour drive home from work on Friday, I wasn’t up for much anyway. However, I kind of expect this, and have more or less built it into my expectations by now. The job, it’s myriad drawbacks and frustrations considered, has, at least […]


friday random ten – “looking like s**t” edition

10 May

Had two different people tell me that I looked like, um, that up there ↑ at different points this week, unsolicited. Both did it out of concern and sympathy. I’ll concede that I’m tired as all get out, thanks to life the last couple of weeks. I’ve been busy. Hasn’t been all bad, though – […]


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