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friday Pandora ten twenty-two – “too many extremes” edition

28 Jun

Being Friday, I have included some tunes from the soundtrack to my day, which got a little longer than usual – when I’m in a system testing mode, I tend to block everything else out, and just let things play. I meant to stop at ten, but since I was in that sort of OCD […]


the old man of the tank

21 Jun

When I got up this morning and went to feed the fish, I wasn’t expecting to discover it was the end of an era. My nine year old male cherry barb (pictured as the blur to the right in the above photo) finally succumbed to old age. This guy was really my success story – […]


friday pandora ten – “call of the wild” edition

21 Jun

So…yeah. It’s been a long week (despite being shorter than usual thanks to some time off from work), and it ain’t over yet. Next week looks just as loaded. Hrm. My commute this week has been relatively easy, thankfully – I’ve been working throught he audiobook of John Krakauer’s Into the Wild, which pieces together […]


a parent’s responsibility for accidental wildlife

15 Jun

Being nice June Saturday, and given the fact that my wife and eldest are off doing the anime convention thing so I’m on the lookout for things to keep the younger two kids distracted from the fact that mom’s not here, we took a trip out to a local park to do a short hike […]


friday random ten: “setting the table” edition

07 Jun

It’s been a week. Not an awful week, aside from a couple of long work days and one bout of near crippling insomnia the night before I had an important meeting in DC (still nailed it, btw), but a week, largely dedicated to stacking the deck to make the next couple of weeks flow more […]


periodic visitors

02 Jun

Seventeen years ago, I was not yet here in Virginia to experience this particular natural event, but this year, it’s a cool experience. I expect it’s probably grist for the nostalgic blog post mill in the future, but for now, I just wanted to share a photo of one of the plague I hung out […]


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