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shutdown again

30 Sep

So, it’s looking more and more likely that, barring a miracle before midnight, Tuesday morning I’ll be heading into the office to sign furlough paperwork, then getting essentially locked out until Congress can stop playing chicken with my paycheck. While I’m known for getting occasionally political in this space, I haven’t actually done so in […]


friday random ten – “adjustment” edition

27 Sep

I have finished my first week at the new job. As I mentioned previously, I think it’ll be a good experience; it’s been so thus far. I’m still not entirely sure how to deal with the additional time I’ve found myself with. I’m still trying to convince my body that bedtime is no longer 7pm, […]


a sort of homecoming in an entirely new place

25 Sep

I’m sure most of you have noticed the incessant yet vague hints about potential new things over the last several months in this space. Well, now is the time for the veil of vagueness to be (kind of) lifted. I officially started a new job this week. I’m doing roughly the same thing (federal contracting […]


friday (the 13th) random ten – “new axe” edition

13 Sep

I guess it’s one of those date occurrences that really set off some people’s superstitious reflexes. Me? I don’t really care. Been an okay week, I guess. The usual annoyances are still annoyances, though some are at least winding down a bit. More to come there later, if we haven’t talked about it. If that’s […]


I will dare (despite the fact that it’s now awfully easy)

12 Sep

Just wanted to take a minute to point out (another) article over at The Av Club which I *almost* wish existed ten years ago when I fell into a particular rabbit hole, a Beginner’s Guide to Paul Westerberg and the Replacements, which does a nice job of running through the band’s history and evolution, and […]


state songs – wallowing in three-chord nostalgia

06 Sep

The AV Club recently posted a great Q&A feature discussing suggestions for various official state rock songs, given that a couple of states actually have official ones, and others have generally accepted unofficial ones. There are lots of good suggestions in there: New Jersey writer Joe Keller makes a passionate and lucid defense for Bon […]


friday random pandora ten – “catching up, with a little vague philosophizing” edition

06 Sep

I’m in kind of a countdown mode lately, both working my ass off and spinning my wheels at the same time. That description seems contradictory, but if you’ve found yourself staring down a big change on the horizon with enough time to brace for it and put a few lingering affairs in order before the […]


it’s criminal

05 Sep

My not even two month old car rolled over 6000 miles today. These next two weeks can’t go fast enough, I tell you… Or I won’t. Not yet, anyway.


these guys are my heroes

03 Sep

Cybertronic Spree…they have the touch.


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