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hallowe’en 2013: directed by john hughes

29 Oct

Costumes for kids are still coming together, but the spouse and I got our kit on early for a party last weekend…with a theme: “dress your favorite decade.” We were kind of stumped for a while, though it was kind of a foregone conclusion that we went with different aspects of the 80s; her the […]


generational synergy

16 Oct

I’m finding that for the first time in my adult life, my work group is made up primarily of people my own age. For most of my tenure as a civil servant, I’ve been the office “baby”, well into my late 30s. The federal service cadre I’be been part of is made up largely of […]


friday random ten – “essential, for the moment” edition

11 Oct

Even though the Government is still shut down, I went back to work on Monday, as I’d been, thanks to a broad interpretation of the Pay Our Military Act, determined “essential”, at least until someone makes another decision that I’m not. Who knows if I’m going to get paid for it any time soon, though. […]


friday random ten – “another unpaid vacation” edition

04 Oct

So, it’s the fourth day of the government shutdown. I haven’t been to work since Tuesday morning, when I went in for fifteen minutes to sign the letter telling me I was “non-essential” and changing my voice mail to reflect the fact that I won’t be available until congress gets their heads out of their […]


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