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happy thanksgiving

28 Nov

I expect, like you, I’ll be busy doing the cooking and eating thing all day. More than likely, I’ll be out-of-pocket. You should be too. Go watch some parades and football. (Unlike the subject of the last post, this song has only been around a year. Somehow, it makes me feel old too.)


want to feel old?

27 Nov

This song is twenty years old: You’re welcome.


friday random ten – “number ten is not a firefly reference” edition

22 Nov

The week itself has been busy, but there aren’t any particular events to which I can point which have exhausted me so. Played some music with friends early in the week, did a lot of user support and document review at work (plus our section Thanksgiving luncheon yesterday), and ran kids all over the county […]


the forgotten art

20 Nov

and now, the rather rare occurrence of “Chuck talks a bit about work-y business sorts of things”… One of the things I find myself doing in my career is writing business case documents and presenting them to various authorities in order to sell them on the idea of taking on (and allocating funding to) various […]


metaphysical redneck – buddhist country

18 Nov

My friend Steve is a very talented musician and songwriter. He’s played all kinds of interesting venues from honky tonks to places of worship. He builds beautiful native american flutes, and plays upright bass (airbrushed with gorgeous Betty Page pinup artwork) in a Rockabilly cowpunk band. He’s written and released lots of material over the […]


friday random ten – “long week(end)” edition

08 Nov

So yes, I only work four days per week (never mind that it’s ten hours per day). Doesn’t matter, I sit here on Friday morning, paying my bills, and I can’t help but reflect that this was one long week, at least from the point of view of this observer. Relativity in action, folks, look […]


I think it just might be this simple

07 Nov

from a few different commenters in the fark thread for this column from National Review, about children of conservatives ending up being liberal: Liberals: “I’ve learned that…” Conservatives: “I was raised to believe…” That’s about the best description of this particular modern social dynamic I’ve heard.


“get out and vote” – my annual appeal

04 Nov

So, tomorrow, Tuesday, is election day in America. Here’s where I make use of my little pulpit to encourage everyone within reach of my electronic voice to make the effort to get out to your polling place and vote. Sure, it’s an off-year election, and unless you happen to be in one of two states […]


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