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2013: by the numbers (and otherwise)

31 Dec

If you’ve been following me this year, or talked to me, or lived with me, or saw me at all until perhaps late September, the story of the year has been “Don’t you think he looks tired?”. Odds are it was true – because I was totally knackered. But I survived, and found a more […]


happy xmas…

25 Dec

…If you’re so inclined. If you are, I hope you enjoyed your holiday, whether it was celebratory or sacred for you. ‘Round these parts, it was a relatively sedate affair; some gifts exchanged in the morning (though we tried things a bit differently this year, doing a bit of gift exchange on the Solstice -December […]


friday random ten – “that’s a wrap” edition

20 Dec

As of 4:30 yesterday afternoon, I’m done working for the rest of the year. Had a really nice holiday luncheon with my co-workers yesterday where we all ate way too much delicious Italian food, then spent the afternoon putting a bunch of things to bed and setting up my out-of-office autoresponder. So now, it’s two […]


because I’m twelve, apparently

19 Dec

Yes, I understand the evolving nature of language, and how definitions shift over time, but this still hit my lowbrow humor button just right: Perhaps this is related to the Joker’s scheme in 1951’s classic Batman #66?


io saturnalia

17 Dec

As it is December 17, today we begin the celebration Saturnalia, the Roman festival for Saturn, god of the harvest, running through December 23, and landing, as most winter celebrations do, around the time of the winter solstice. Saturnalia, of course, is the pagan observance from which many modern Christmas traditions are derived, including the […]


found art

16 Dec

In the interest of trying to find beauty in odd places, I present below a selection of phrases from my comment spam folder, arranged, more-or-less, as free verse poetry. I figured I’d make some use of it before I purged it all. Enjoy, or not. Excellent afternoon, beauties! Sex scenes are dynamic and also the […]



12 Dec

Beyond the usual modest slate of individual gifts, our household traditionally also manages to find a collective gift for the whole family to enjoy; it’s a nice little reward for getting ourselves through the year. This year, rather than grabbing some large entertainment purchase (We’ll wait a while on a next-gen console, for example), we […]


all quiet on the eastern cold front

09 Dec

So, the big weather system that was supposed to cause such havoc ended up just being kinda wet and cold around here. Didn’t stop a bunch of things from being cancelled this weekend, though – which means, among other things, something I was hoping to be clear of after about 5pm on Sunday ended up […]


it’s time for my favorite year-end list

09 Dec

Being mid-December, all those great year-end lists are rolling out (stay tuned for mine after Christmas). My favorite, though, is av club’s “year in band names” list, which collects the best(?) band names from all the promo stuff they receive over the course of the year, handily organized by categories such as “anatomy”, “food and […]



05 Dec

80 years ago today, the 21st Amendment was passed, repealing Prohibition, as dictated by the 18th Amendment. If you find the time today, take a moment to celebrate. (photo from this gallery at the NY Daily News)


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