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various and sundry pop culture and politics – Feb 2014

26 Feb

I’m feeling slightly guilty about not having huge amounts to say in this space. Suffice it to say that life and otherwise is keeping me occupied largely in meatspace. Running kids around and stepping up to cover for the spouse as she’s currently mired in some pretty intensive responsibilities lately, vehicle maintenance, headaches of electronic […]


standing on the side of love

18 Feb

image borrowed from Equality Virginia – go check them out – seriously! On Friday, a Federal Judge declared Virginia’s ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional. This decision has been appealed, of course, and the state is allowing the legal process to play out before issuing marriage licenses to couples, but really, it’s all but over. Sooner, […]


knee deep

05 Feb

Consider for a moment “We Built This City” by the musical group Jefferson Airplane Starship. While I profess no particular animosity toward the song (not the way I do, toward, say Bob Carlisle’s “Butterfly Kisses”, for example), I will admit that is objectively pretty terrible. I do kind of have an innate sense of why […]


making an eagle

04 Feb

This week I had the opportunity to do something kind of cool: I was part of an Eagle Scout Board of Review. For the uninitiated, the Board of Review is essentially the “final interview” for those who’ve met all the other requirements for Eagle Scout – the candidate sits for a group interview with several […]


poetry spam – eight tiny odes

04 Feb

As I’ve done before, prior to purging my blog comment spam folder, I grabbed a handful of interesting phrases from the lot before clicking the delete button. In the interest of recycling, I took those snippets and re-arranged them into what I hesitantly call poetry. The individual lines are largely intact as I found them. […]


birthday wishes

03 Feb

Today is the anniversary of my lovely wife’s birth. If you see her around today, physically or virtually, please wish her a happy birthday. She truly deserves a happy day, as she’s a wonderful and beautiful person, and works very hard on very important things to make sure that all sorts of systems work smoothly […]


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