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friday random ten – “glad that’s over” edition

28 Mar

From yesterday’s post, you might have gotten the sense that I was a little frustrated with the office this week. That’s kind of true, but not the kind of frustrating that’s going to have me running to the job boards to find something else. I’m relatively happy with my employment lot at the moment, little […]


stuck in the middle…again

27 Mar

warning: may contain old man yelling at cloud I guess it’s good news that I haven’t had reason to bitch about work for over six months since I started this new job. It’s a good job, with a great group of people (both locally and across the country), and I get to do all sorts […]


moar squirrels

17 Mar

So, for the last several months, I’ve been playing the Marvel Heroes MMO regularly. It’s one of the free-to-play flavors, so I don’t have the pressure of getting my money’s worth out of a monthly subscription fee. I’ve spent a few bucks over the last not quite year on in-game stuff (mostly extra storage space […]


my brain goes strange places…

17 Mar

…when placed under stress. Life’s been very busy of late, as my wife’s been away a lot due to serious volunteer commitments. It doesn’t help these are commitments that require a certain amount of confidentiality and circumspection – there’s stuff she can’t talk about outside her committee. She disappears and has adventures, and I don’t […]


friday random ten – “um, yeah” edition

14 Mar

Haven’t done one of these in a while, but I was at the computer paying bills anyway, so… Been a busy couple of months (but not *my* busy, necessarily), and though I can maybe see the end of it, the end isn’t here yet. That’s why it’s been quiet. Sorry. tunes. “Legendary Lovers” – Katy […]


can’t brain right now

05 Mar

In the meantime, please enjoy this visual metaphorical representation of my current physical and mental faculties. Hasn’t been the best couple of weeks.


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