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kind of wished they waited for may 4

30 Apr

So, unless your internet is broken, you noticed yesterday evening that Disney released the cast list for Star Wars Episode VII. And it looks like a good one. The original big three are back, and looking pretty good, the newcomers are mostly intriguing and/or anonymous – John Boyega was excellent in Attack the Block, Andy […]


wrapping up ravencon 2014

28 Apr

In the interest full disclosure, I was having a hard time mustering up much enthusiasm for RavenCon this year. Life’s been very busy these last couple of months, given social obligations, blistering volunteer schedules, regular kid activities, and still being relatively new at this job. Cons, while wonderful in their busy cornucopia of activity and […]


an unexpected addition

23 Apr

Colleen brought a “present” home last night…. (I shall pause here briefly for all the “awwwww”ing this picture surely provokes….) To provide a bit of backstory, last week our friend Sarah discovered a stray kitten while out walking her dog. As it was in a neighbor’s yard, she enlisted the neighbor’s help to retrieve the […]


♫ lie swindled from them on the way to / burma shave ♫

22 Apr

On the way in to work this morning, I heard the radio version of this story on NPR regarding Susan B. Anthony List v. Driehaus, which will be argued before the Supreme Court today. The case itself is a challenge to an Ohio law prohibiting individuals or groups from knowingly or recklessly making false statements […]


putting baby in a corner

21 Apr

I took a couple of days off of work last week in association with local spring break. Didn’t feel like much of a break for me, necessarily, as always things are busy around these parts, moreso than usual for the next couple of weeks, as long-standing commitments start coming to their ultimacy for some of […]


road trip

14 Apr

It’s been a quietish week in these parts, largely because I was offline for large swaths of last week doing things out in the world. The biggest of those things involved a quick visit to the midwest metropolis of Columbus, OH, where I spent most of two days sitting in a room with a bunch […]


music and is life

02 Apr

Things have maybe, a little bit, anyway, settled down enough for me to catch a breath. We’re still busy, but it’s not really an overwhelming busy. The spouse and I even managed to sneak away for an overnight adventure sans children, enjoying the music and comedy stylings of the one-and-only Mikey Mason, performing at Atlantis […]


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